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8th Sci Weather Exam

Which describes an air mass with the symbol cT? warm and dry
What geographic feature most affects our weather in Connecticut? nearness to the ocean
What kind of air mass would form over the Mojave desert? cT
Where will the molecules of air be closer together, on a day when the temperature is 20 degrees Celcius? at the beaches in Rhode Island, at sea level
Why does a city in New York that is on Lake Erie, experience "lake effect" snow (much more snow than other areas receive)? There is a prevailing wind that comes inland off the lake, bringing water vapor that falls as snow in winter
A continental polar air mass forms in northern Canada
How does a warm front form? warm air moves over cold air and replaces it
Why does Marcus notice a fog bank over the pond near his house in the morning? The pond water evaporates into the cooler air over it, then condenses into fog
Why is the weather at the beach cooler in the summer than it is in Hartford, but during winter the weather at the beach is warmer than the weather near Hartford? the ocean heats up slower (causing cool summer beach weather) and cools off slower (causing warm winter beach weather) than land
How many layers are there in Earth's atmosphere? four
The air we breathe is mostly nitrogen
About how much of Earth's atmosphere is oxygen? 21%
Why is air pressure greatest at the Earth's surface? because gravity pulls gas molecules toward the surface
Two factors that affect relative humidity are Both the amount of water vapor and temperature
Where is a breeze most likely to develop? A large grassy area next to a large asphalt (pavement) area
Why would Juan see a wind coming in off the water at the beach? The warmer air over the beach rises and draws in the cooler air from over the water
Convection is the transfer of energy... by the circulation of gases or liquids
Georgia sees some falcons in a mountainous area rising upwards on updrafts, or moving air currents. What causes these updrafts? Less dense air heated by rock exposures in the sunlight that are hotter than the surrounding forest
Local winds move short distances and from any direction
Local winds are affected by BOTH geographic features such as mountains and valleys AND the proximity(closeness) to large bodies of water
Wind will always move from area of high pressure to area of low presure
As altitude increases, air pressure decreases because there are fewer air molecules
Uneven heating of the earth causes differences in air pressure
Created by: mrs_hurley