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Chinese Hobbies vocab cards.

跑步 run
游泳 swimming
打网球 play tennis
打篮球 play basketball
踢足球 play soccer
打排球 play volleyball
体操 gymnastics
爱好 hobby
什么 what
我的 my
你的 your
's (ownership)
妈妈 Mum
爸爸 Dad
姐姐 older sister
哥哥 older brother
弟弟 little brother
妹妹 little sister
上网 go on the net
看书 read
看电影 watch movies
跳舞 dance
唱歌 sing
划船 rowing
冲浪 surfing
瑜伽 yoga
摄影 photography
做饭 cooking
健身 fitness
羽毛球 badminton
乒乓球 ping pong
太极拳 taichi
听音乐 listen to music
喜欢 like
不喜欢 don't like
玩电脑游戏 play computer games
买东西 shopping
最喜欢 like the most
最不喜欢 like the least
讨厌 despise
好玩 fun
很无聊 really boring
有意思 interesting
Created by: arob
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