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What is a wave? A form in which energy travels in, disturbance.
What is a Medium of a wave? The material in which the wave is traveling in.
What is a Transverse wave? Particles move perpendicular in the same direction as the wave travels.
What is a crest? The highest part in a Transverse wave.
What is a trough? The lowest part in a Transverse wave.
What is a Longitudinal wave? Particles that move parallel in the same direction in the wave travels.
What is a compression? Particles being pushed together.
What is a rarefaction? Particles being spread apart.
What is a Mechanical wave? A wave that requires a medium.
What is an Electromagnetic wave? Waves that have vibrations of electric and magnetic particles.
What is Amplitude? The measure of the space between a medium and the resting position.
What is a wavelength? The distance between a crest and the next crest, or a trough to a trough, or a compression to compression, or a rarefaction to rarefaction.
What is Frequency? The number of waves that pass through a point for a certain amount of time.
What is a Hertz? The label for the frequency of a wave.
What is the wave speed? The speed of the waves.
What is force? What is the label for it? The thing that moves and object. It is labeled in Newtons.
What is work? How is it calculated and what is the label? How much is used to do the act. Work= force x distance, it is labeled in Joules.
What is Power? How do you calculate it? The amount of work that was done in a certain time. Power=work divided by time.
The force used to lift a box was 43n and she carried it for 76m. What was the work done. 3268j
She used 300j to lift a box in 26 seconds, what is the power she used? 11.5w
The speed of the wave is 6 cm/s and the wave traveled a total of 130 cm. What is the wave speed? Use speed= distance / time About 21.7 cm/s
Katie used a total of 40n to carry a box to a different room. Unfortunately it was too heavy for her and was unable to move it. How much Power did she use to carry the box? She used 0w, she was unable to move it.
Johnathan was pulling a wagon and used 99n doing it. He only went 100m. How much work did Johnathan use? 9,900j. 100x99=9900
Bella used 486j, and she only went 6m. What is the amount of force did she use? 78n. 468 / 6 = 78
Logan was moving a chair and used 456j doing it. It took him 70 seconds to do it, what is the power he used. About 6.5 watts.
Maya used 81 joules when going up the stairs and she went 9m, what is the force used? 9 newtons.
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