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Scientific ApparatusFunctions
Test Tube Holds a small amount of material to be used in an experimental.
Test Tube Holder Holding test tubes when heating liquids.
Conical Flask A container for solutions during practical work.
Test Tube Stand Holds and keeps test tubes in an upright position.
Round bottom flask For heating solutions. Cannot be put on a flat surface.
Burette Used to accurately dispense small volumes of liquid into another substance, usually positioned in a flask below the burette.
Flat bottom flask Various uses such as dispensing liquids, heating them etc.
Syringe Used to dispense a liquid. Not as accurate as a burette.
Funnel Used to filter and hence separate substances from one another.
Teat pipette (dropper) To dispense liquids drop-by-drop.
Measuring cylinder Measures volumes of liquids. Not as accurate as a pipette, but can measure larger volumes.
Pipette (graduated or with a bulb) Measuring and transferring very accurate quantities of liquids.
Watch glass Holds a small specimens or allows small amounts of liquids to evaporate and leave behind solids.
Glass rod For stirring hot substances.
Evaporating dish Substances are held and heated so that liquids can evaporate from the solution. (Not glass)
Retort stand To hold apparatus or objects of various sizes in position during an experiment.
Crucible and lid For heating substances. Lid prevents splattering. (Not glass)
Bunsen burner Produces a hot flame by mixing air with gas. Substances are heated above the burner or in the flame.
Spatula For scooping and transferring small amounts of chemicals.
U-tube Varied uses e.g. for cooling substances or passing gases from one flask to the next.
Gauze Placed on top of a tripod stand on which to balance other apparatus such as a beaker etc over a Bunsen burner
Glass jar Used to capture and store gases for experiments.
Pipeclay triangle Placed on top of a tripod stand on which to accurately balance apparatus such as a crucible above a Bunsen Burner. Also allows direct flame on to the apparatus.
Thermometer To measure temperatures of substances in °C.
Tongs To handle hot objects and apparatus.
Wash bottle
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