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landforms and descriptions

model a representation of an object or process
boundary the limit or border of an area
structure something built by people, like a building
map a drawing of an area
cartographer a person who makes maps
grid a network of vertical and horizontal lines that form squares
symbol color, shape, or texture used to represent something on a map
key an explanation of symbols used on a map
drainage basin a system of rivers and streams that drains an area
erosion wears away earth materials by water, wind, or ice
landform a shape or feature of the earth's surface
canyon a "V" shaped valley eroded by a river or stream
delta a fan shaped deposit of earth materials at the mouth of a stream
plateau a large, nearly level area that has been lifted above surrounding areas
deposition when eroded earth materials settle in another place
sediments eroded earth materials that have been deposited
basin a low area in which sediments are often deposited
channel the path water takes in a stream or river
meander a curve or loop in a channel
slope the angle or slant of a stream channel or land surface
alluvial fan a fan shaped landform deposited at the end of a steep canyon where the slope becomes flatter
flood a heavy flow of water that goes over a streams normal channel
flash flood rises and falls quickly with little or no warning
levee an embankment along a stream that protects land from flooding
dam a wall or construction across a river that holds back water from flowing through the river
floodplain area around a river that is covered by water flowing over the riverbank during a flood
base bottom of a mountain
contour line line on a topographic map that connects points of equal elevation
contour interval difference in elevation between contour lines
elevation height above sea level
peak highest point on a mountain
sea level average height of the ocean's surface, zero elevation
topographic map uses contour lines to show shape and elevation of a land's surface
profile side view of a landform
bench mark a marker placed permanently at a know position and elevation
intermittent stream water flows here at only certain times of the year
perennial stream always has water flowing
ridge narrow area of high land between two valleys
glacier large body of moving ice
valley low area between higher areas where a river or stream flows
interpret to figure out the symbols to put together a map
aerial photograph pictures taken above Earth's surface
scale ratio between a measured distance on a map to actual distance
surveyor a person who measures and marks the distance, elevation, position, and boundaries of land areas
bar scale a ruler line on a map
representative fraction tells the scale of a map
rapids part of a river channel where water flows over obstacles, like boulders
intermittent lake contain water only during certain times of the year, like a rainy season
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