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Science Final

Final Exam Review

Difference between qualitative and quantitative observation? Quantitative generates numerical data, qualitative observation is non numerical.
Name 5 senses sight, physical touch, hear, smell, taste
What is an inference educated guess
What is an observation? the action or process of observing something or someone
How many mm are in a cm 10
How many cm are in a m? 100
How many mm are in a m? 1,000
Name the kingdoms of life? plant, animals, protozoa, cromista, chromalveola,excavata, archevoa, rhizaria, fungus
Which kingdom of life is classified as humans? Animals
What is classification and how do scientists use it? a type of taxonomy. To organize.
Why do scientists use models? so they can visually see things
What is the difference between line graphs and bar graphs? Which one shows change over time? Line graphs tell time. Line graphs
Describe thee types of variables independent: dependent: controlled: independent: on its own dependent: not by itself - depends on others controlled - changed
How do you calculate magnification? 4x,10x,40x
Show the levels of organization of ribbon of life in order from least to most complex. atoms, cells, organ, systems, molecules, tissues, complex organisms
Name three protists we looked at this year. paramecia, amoeba, euglena
What are the characteristics of life? eat, water, exchange gases, reproduce
Tell the job of the following cell parts: -cell wall -cytoplasm -nucleus -mitochondria cell wall: protect cytoplasm: flow nucleus: brain mitochondra: digestive
What is the difference between independent and dependent cells? Give some examples. independent are by selves - parameca dependent depend on others - cheek
Name the characteristics of all insects 6 legs, 3 body parts
What is the cell theory? properties of cells
What is the difference between living, non-living, dormant, and dead? living - needs food water, air non-living never alive dormant - alive but hibernating, not active dead- once living
List the characteristics of life Cellular organization. Reproduction. Metabolism. Homeostasis. Heredity. Response to stimuli. Growth and development. Adaptation through evolution.
Give an example of anthropomorphism. act of giving human characteristics to animals
Is a flower a living or a non living organism? What is your evidence? living, grow and reproduce
Is a leaf cell considered to be an organism? Why or why not? yes, it will eventually grow and reproduce
Is a leaf cell independent or dependent? Explain dependent, needs others for food
Are plant cells Eukaryotic or prokaryotic? What is main difference between the two? Eukaryotic, because it has nucleus
What are the openings on the leaves that regulate gas exchange called? stoma
What are the cells called that help to open and shut the opening? guard cells
What is transpiration? process by which moisture is carried through plants from roots to small pores on the underside of leaves, where it changes to vapor and is released to the atmosphere.
Created by: timothybean