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Biochemical Reaction

What are the possible outcomes of the Lysine Iron Agar test and what do they indicate about the organisms being observed? Purple Slant/Purple butt: + for decarboxylation - K/K *anaerobic - H2S production may be seen Purple Slant/Yellow butt: - for decarboxylation - K/A - fermentation of glucose only Burgundy Slant/Yellow butt: + for deamination - A/A *aerobic
What substances are produced by the organisms in the LIA test? K/K - carboxyl group (-COOH) - produces cadaverine and CO2 A/A - amine group (-NH2) K/A - no reaction
Why is H2S production not the most reliable indicator in biochemical testing methods? Certain species of bacteria may have different strains that may or may not produce H2S when tested
What could be a potential outcome of incubating a test in a CO2 environment? This could alter the pH of the environment, which will alter test results and lead to misidentification
What part of the Ornithine test do we look at for interpretation? Color change in the butt ONLY: - Positive = purple - Negative = yellow
Which biochemical tests would be classified as deamination reactions? - LIA - Phenylalanine
What organisms can the Oxidase test help us to identify? What would be a good test to run in order to identify between them? -Pseudomonas, Neisseria - Cetrimide
When running an OF test, which container indicates the presence of acid production? Fermentation reaction: - acid reaction in covered and uncovered tubes (both tubes Y) - acid reaction in covered tube only (covered tube Y, uncovered G) Oxidation reaction: - acid reaction in uncovered tube only (uncovered tube Y, covered tube G)
In the OF test, can a negative result be given? No - the organism being observed can only be identified as a "non-utilizer", meaning that it might not utilize the specific nutrient source in that media
What is the main difference between the Kligler Iron Agar and the Triple Sugar Iron Agar? The TSI Agar contains an extra nutrient source (sucrose), which helps to identify slow lactose fermenters better than the KIA
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