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JSL Lesson 19B Vocab

乗る のる to get on; board a vehicle; ride
乗せる (~る) のせる place on [something]; take on board; give a ride
タクシーに乗る take a taxi
女性 じょせい woman, female
男性 だんせい man, male
運転手が女性のタクシー うんてんしゅがじょせいのタクシー a taxi whose driver is a woman
珍しい・珍しかった めずらしい is amazing, surpising, unexpected
でしょう? You see! (I told you so. (in a positive way))Don't you agree? I thought you'd say that!
ツアー tour
行く人の中で (being) among the people who are going
先週お休みだった人 people who were on vacation last week
当日 とうじつ the very day, the day in question
集まる あつまる to come together
集める (~る) あつめる to bring together
渡す わたす to hand over
渡る わたる to go over, go across
ひがし east
西 にし west
きた north
みなみ south
東口 ひがしぐち East Entrance
改札口 かいさつぐち ticket gate (ticket-checking gate, wicket)
改札口のところ かいさつぐちのところthe place where the ticket counter is
X 発 X はつ a departure at X time or from X place
十時発の特急 じゅうじはつのとっきゅう special express leaving at 10:00
発つ たつ to depart
通勤 つうきん commuting
通勤時間 つうきんじかん commuting time
帰るのが遅い going home is late
かなり fairly, rather, quite
寝る (~る) ねる (~る)to go to sleep; go to bed
寝かす ねかす put to sleep; lay [something] on its side
眠い・眠かった ねむい is sleepy
グーグー寝ちゃう fall sound asleep
気が付く きがつく to notice; become aware
気を付ける (~る) きをつける to pay attention; be careful
はっと with a start, in surprise
・・・にはっと気が付く become aware of... all of a sudden
はっと気が付く become aware with a start
気が付いたとき the time when I became aware
降りる (~る) おりる to descend; get off (a vehicle); get out of a taxi
下りる (~る) おりる come [go, get] down; descend [climb down] ((a mountain))
降ろす おろす to lower; unload; let off (a vehicle)[let a passenger off]
下ろす おろす take [bring, get, put] down; ((カーテンを))drop; cast; lower; grate; have an abortion
新しい靴を下ろす to wear new shoes
降りる駅 the station where I get off
出てしまった後で after having left
慌てる (~る) あわてるbecome confused, disconcerted, disorganized
建つ たつ be built
立つ たつ to stand up
立てる (~る) たてる to stand [something] up
建てる (~る) たてる to build
座る すわる to sit down
恥ずかしい・恥ずかしかった はずかしい is shy, embarrassed
((腰)掛ける)(~る) 平仮名の方がいい (こし)かける to sit down
Created by: alice_jones