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CNA State Review*

State Test Review

Stage 1 pressure sore appear as a reddened area that does not blanch when pressed. Skin is intact.
Stage 2 pressure sore partial breakdown of the upper layer of skin, but does not extend all the way through the skin. May look like a blister
Stage 3 pressure sore Full-thickness tissue loss. the skin is gone. Subcutaneous fat may be exposed. Slough may be present
Stage 4 pressure sore Full thickness tissue loss with muscle, tendon, and bone exposure. Slough and eschar may be present.
Unstageable Full-thickness tissue loss with the ulcer covered by slough and/or eschar.
A patient who is about to under go surgery should be on what type of diet? NPO-Nothing by mouth
An agency or program for persons who are dying hospice
Person who perform delegated tasks under the supervision of licensed nurses are Nursing assistants
The goal of the health team is to provide quality care
A federal health insurance program providing benefits for persons 65 years of age or older and for some younger people with certain disabilities Medicare
nursing assistants work under the supervision of licensed nurses
An illness from which the person will not likely recover is terminal illness
The official record of persons who have successfully completed a nursing assistant training and competency evaluation program Nursing assistant registry
The intentional mistreatment or harm of another is abuse
Nursing assistants can have their certification denied, revoked, or suspended for neglecting a patient or resident
Negligence by a professional person malpractice
You observe a patient's daughter slapping him. Who should you inform? Tell the nurse at once
Seeing things for another's point of view empathy
Trusting another with personal and private information confidentiality
When planning your work, you need to decide what to do and when to do each task. this is priority setting
Stress affects the whole person
A written or electronic account of a persons condition and response to treatment is the medical record
Flow sheets are used to record frequent measurements or observations
priorities and goals are set during this step of the nursing process planning
Anterior at or toward the front of the body or body part
inflammation of a joint arthritis
"ab" away from
You have a disagreement with a co-worker about your work schedule. What should you do? ask to talk about the problem with your supervisor.
the language, values beliefs, habits, likes, dislikes, and customs of a group passed from one generation to the next is culture
Any lost, absent or impaired physical or mental function is a disability
communication that uses the written or spoken word is verbal communication
direct questions are used to make sure you understand what was said
the basic unit of body structure cell
bone that bears the body's weight long bone
The largest part of the brain and the center of thought and intelligence is cerebrum
The substance in bed blood cells that carries oxygen and gives blood it's color is hemoglobin
Which heart chamber pumps blood to the lungs right ventricle
where does digestion begin the mouth
food mixed with gastric juice to form a semi-liquid substance is called chyme
urine passes from the bladder through the urethra
the neck of the uterus is cervix
the system that protects the body form disease and infection immune system
retirement often means reducing income
You notice a frayed electrical cord on a resident's bed. What should you do report it to the nurse at once
Check the ________ before using a hazardous substance MSDS
Errors in care are reported at once
Risk management involves identifying and controlling risks and safety hazards affecting the agency
Inflammation of the mouth stomatitis
Surgical replacement of a joint arthroplasty
Aphasia total or partial loss of the ability to use or understand language
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) affects muscles for speaking, chewing, and swallowing
Age-related muscular degeneration blurs central vision
Braille reading and writing system that uses raised dots
Resting blood pressure is too high in hypertension
TB is spread by Airborne droplets
What cannot be changed with risk factory for CAD? Age, gender, family history
Diverticular disease involves small pouches in the colon
Hepatitis A is spread by Fecal-Oral route
Cystitis bladder infection
HIB virus is spread by unprotected anal, vaginal, and oral sex
any action that punishes or penalizes a person discipline
What is required for restraint use? doctor's order
unnecessary restraint false imprisonment
Most falls occur in patient and resident rooms and bathrooms
1 ounce 30 cc
ADL Activities of Daily Living
DNR Do Not Recessutate
Ergonomics changing the task, work station equipment and tools to help reduce stress on the worker's body
What will likely lead to a back disorder twisting while lifting
back-lying position supine or dorsal recumbent
The person's unit a private area
you help control noise by answering phone and signal lights promptly
A person has arrived by stretcher, you make a _________bed surgical
When handling bed linens you collect them in the order of use
a chronic condition in which a person cannot sleep or stay asleep all night is insomnia
to promote sleep make sure linens are clean, dry, and wrinkle free
UTI Urinary tract infection
the amount of oxygen given is the flow rate
What is collected for routine urinalysis random urine specimen
to use regent strips correctly: follow manufacturer's instructions
Hemoptysis bloody sputum
Muscle atrophy decrease in the size of or a wasting away of muscle tissue
a resident on bed rest needs good body alignment
abduction moving away form the midline
A patient wears an ankle brace, when you remove the brace, you notice a reddened area on the ankle bone what should you do report it to the nurse
rehabilitation starts when the person seeks health care
rehabilitation focuses on the whole person the person's abilities
you help prevent pressure ulcers by turning and repositioning, keeping the linens clean and wrinkle free, keeping the resident clean and dry.
A person does not feel that he is making progress, the person is angry, how can you help them? try to understand the person's feelings and offer support
You are feeling frustrated by a person's slow progress. What should you do? discuss your feeling with the nurse
using pillows and blankets to prevent skin from being in contact with skin helps prevent pressure ulcers
After applying heat or cold application, how often do you need to observe the application site for complications? 10-15 minutes
HIV is spread by unprotected anal, vaginal, and oral sex
Angina chest pain
Quadriplegia paralysis in arms, legs, trunk
Closed fracture bone is broken but skin is intact
radiation destroys cancer cells and normal cells
Anorexia loss of appetite
Aspiration breathing in of fluid, food, vomitus, or an object into the lungs
how much water does an adult need daily for normal fluid balance 2000 to 2500mL
NPO Nothing by mouth
An eternal nutrition through a gastrostomy tube, to prevent regurgitation, the person is positioned in Fowler's or semi fowler's position
an alarm is sounding on an IB infusion pump. What should you do tell the nurse at once
what part of the health team is responsible for IV therapy RN
you notice that the IV flow rate is going to fast. What should you do tell the nurse
Oral care prevents mouth odor and infection
When logrolling the person turn the person as a unit, in alignment with one motion
head lice pediculosis corporis
alopecia hair loss
Undress the _______ side first strong
Dress the ______ side first weak
A microbe that is harmful and can cause infection microbe
Process of becoming unclean contamination
local infection an infection in a body part
health care associated infection an infection that develops in a person cared for in any setting where health care is given
cleaning destroys pathogens
protection against a certain disease immunity
if you are unsure of a vital sign measurement promptly ask the nurse to take it again
Normal body temperature 98.6
normal respirations for a healthy adult 12-20
hypertension systolic above 140, diastolic above 90
the period of heart muscle relaxation diastole
Pain felt in a body part that is no longer there phantom pain
Painful or difficulty urination dysuria
frequent urination at night nocturia
The loss of urine in response to a sudden urgent need to void urge incontinence
Constipation is caused by decreased fluid intake, some drugs, inactivity
a person complains of abdominal discomfort and rectal pain. Liquid feces is seeping from the person's anus. these are sings and symptoms of fecal impaction
Infection control in the nursing home is important because the elderly are more susceptible to disease
Proper body mechanics means standing straight with your knees bent and lifting with you legs
The rigidity of Parkinson's Disease makes the resident more prone to falls
The foods or fluids that would most likely cause a resident with a CVA (stroke) to choke are thin fluids
When communicating with a resident with a hearing aid, you should face the resident so they can see you speak
You are delegated to provide passive ROM to left lower and upper extremities. This means you support each joint and provide extension and flexion movements on the left side of the body.
CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation
All behavior has meaning to the person performing the behavior
ROM exercises help prevent contractures
Genital areas should be washed from clean to dirty
Moral principles or standards that guide our behavior are ethics
A symptom of Alzheimer's Disease is memory loss
Osteoporosis is porous and brittle bones
Gait belt is used for ambulation
Transfer belt is used for transfers
Messages sent through facial expression, gestures, and body movements are body language
An observation of what you actually see, hear, smell, or feel regarding a resident objective
Holistic care is caring for the resident spiritually, emotionally, and physically
when feeding a resident, you should be at eye level
elastic stockings are used to prevent blood clots
if a resident becomes combative during care, you should make sure the resident is safe and try again later
an example of resident centered care is staff allowing resident's choice of wake time
to support residents' through the death and dying process, you should listen to their beliefs about death.
waterless hand soap/gel is used when soap and water are not available
when removing contaminated gloves, the nursing assistant should grasp the cuff of one glove on the outside with fingers of the other gloved hand
the best way to help a resident who has experienced a loss of taste would be to encourage good oral hygiene
to measure the height of a resident who must remain in bed you should place the resident in supine position and measure her from head to foot
when caring fro the elderly, the CNA should let the resident perform as much personal care as possible
To assist residents to eat the nursing assistant should offer liquids frequently to moisten the food
you can assist the family to adjust when they place their loved one in a nursing facility by including the family in the care planning of their loved one
clean bed linen placed in a resident's unit but not used should be put in the dirty linen container.
when the goal is to maintain confidentiality, the nursing assistant may discuss personal information about the resident with the nursing assistant providing direct care who has a need to know
resident would most likely become short of breath quickly due to increasing rigidity in the lungs
appropriate care after death includes providing privacy during post mortem care
the positions of the hands when performing the abdominal thrusts should be on the middle of the abdomen above the navel
to assist a resident with a paralyzed arm put on a front buttoning shirt, the nursing assistant should put the shirt on the weak arm first
Mr. Dobb had a recent stroke and has some difficulty chewing his food. the doctor ordered a therapeutic diet to fit his needs. The best diet for him would be a mechanical soft diet
You just finished bathing a resident and have disinfected the tub. You should put the disinfectant in a locked cupboard
Marinating a clean health care facility is the responsibility of the health care team.
Annabelle has a hearing aid in her ear. Before you wash and style her hair, you should remove the hearing aid
A 1987 law passed to set many standards for the health care industry including certification for nursing assistants is the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA)
Errors in communication can be reduced by confirming the message was received and understood
What is the proper procedure for correction of a documentation error cross out the error with one line, initial next to it and continue your documentation
to serve a resident solid foods you should use a spoon
When lying in a prone position, a resident would be on her abdomen
one of the main causes of constipation in the elderly is immobility and medication
explaining the care that you give and providing the opportunity for choices is showing emotional support
residents residing in long term care facilities are at risk for infections because they usually have chronic health problems
you can best assist a resident during bladder retraining by keeping track of incontinence
whenever you feel stressed or angry the best way to deal with your feelings is to try to understand why you feel the way you do.
The environment that works best for residents with Alzheimer's disease who are confused is a closed unit with a consistent routine
Standard precautions are based on the simple principle that all residents have potential for spreading infection
Standard precautions prevent the spread of pathogens through the air: are used for all patients and residents; require gowns, masks, and gloves
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