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CarverRocks Science

Top 3rd Grade Science Vocabulary Words

adaptations Any body part or behavior that increases an animal's ability to survive; example bird's wings to fly from danger
physical characteristics The appearance of an animal or plant
hibernation A deep sleep an animal experiences during the winter; example, bears sleep during the winter
migration To move from one area to another based on the season; example ducks fly south
environment The total surroundings of living things
community All of the populations that live together in the same place; example your neighborhood
food chain The path that energy travels through a community as one living thing eats another
instinct Something an animal knows how to do that is not learned; example when to blink
habitat The environment in which an animal lives
producer Green plants that are able to make their own food
carnivore An animal that eats meat; example, lion
camouflage An organisms ability to blend in with the environment
learned behavior An action that an animal is taught; example, a lion cub is taught to hunt
mimicry One animal looks like another animal to help it survive; example a butterfly looks good to birds but tastes bad.
population A group of organisms of the same kid that live in the same place
decomposer Organisms that break down decayed plants and animals into smaller pieces; example mushrooms
herbivore An animal that only eats plants; example cow
omnivore An animal that eats both plants and animals; example, bear
shelter Something providing protection from the weather.
Created by: Seitz