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Misc stuff from path lab

What effect do the granulomas seen in giant cell arteritis have on the strength of the vascular wall. (aka temporal arteritis) They actually make the wall stronger, not weaker.
Possible complication of giant cell (temporal) arteritis Blurred vision and blindness and stroke
Why does a
C-anca is the marker for Wegeners and microscopic polyangitis
P-ANCA is marker for Churg-Strauss and microscopic polyangitis
IgA is marker for IgA nephropathy and Henoch-schlon purpura
How does a hemorrhagic infarct occur in the lungs? Blockage of the pulmonary artery leads to ischemic necrosis, but because the lungs have dual blood supply, the anastomosis with the bronchial arteries supplies the lungs, but it is at a higher pressure. This ruptures the vessels leading to ischemic infrct
Why might a patient with sudden onset of severe angina present with clinical finding of differences in BP and pulse pressure b/w left and right arm? Dissecting aortic aneurysm
Aortic wall changes with blue staining upon alcian blue staining of tissue Medial degeration of the aorta or medial cystic necrosis of the aorta
What echo findings would be present in person in hypertensive emergency LV Hypertrophy, decreased LEDV, Calcified aorta
Elevated P-ANCA suggests.... Elevated C-ANCA suggests? P-ANCA: Churg-Strauss. C-ANCA: Wegeneres or microscopic polyangitis.
Inflammation and rupture / aneurysm of small vessels within the kidney is a feature of what vasulitidis Polyarteritis Nodosa )(PAN)
Granulomatous of the renal arteries (branches of aorta) is a feature of what vasulitidis Takayasu
Does aortic stenosis result in a volume overload or a pressure overload? Pressure overload first.
What is the cause of heart failure n aortic stenosis? Systolic dysfunction with pressure overload.
What is the cause of nutmeg liver Chronic passive venous congestion of systemic circuit in rigth sided heart failure.
Heart failure cells can be found in the... Lungs / sputum.
S1 is loudest in mitral stenosis or mitral insufficiency? Mitral stenosis. S1 is the sound made by Mitral / tricuspid closure, In mitral insufficiency, valve cannot close completely
Comare lung bx findings of chronic LSHF and acute LSHF Chronic -> brown induration in lungs (heart failure cells. Acute -> pink frothy sputum due to pulm edema.
What is the most common *CYANOTIC* CHD TOF
Rhabdomyoma vs myxoma Rhabdomyoma has spider cells (embryonic rhabdonyoblasts) myxoma = loose connective made of GAGs. Spindle shaped / star shaped.
Pregnancy can cause what type of cardiomyopathy? Dilated cardiomyopathy.
Expected thickness of LV in dilated cadiomyopathy? 1.5 to 2.0 cm (normal to slightly thickened)
What is von-hippil lindau syndrome multifactorial genetic d/o characterized by hemangioblastomas in the brain, *retinas*, and other parts of the body.
Trigeminal port wine stain is indicative of what dz sturge-webber. This is the major way to differentiate this disease from von hippel-lindau
von-hippil lindau is due to what kind of mutation? What inheritance? Mutation in tumor supressor gene. AD inher.
von-hippil lindau brings increasd risk of what type of cancer? Renal cell ca
What is the most reliable serum marker for MI? How long after MI does it become elevated? Triponin I... 3-4 hours after MI. Myoglobin would be the first serum marker to show elevation... but this is a very non-specific marker.
What is dressler syndrome Autoimmune pericarditis.
When do PMNs infiltrate (how long after) after an MI? ~24 hours
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