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Mandarin lvl.1 ch.5

family terms

gia1 family
ye2ye grandfather
nai3nai grandmother
ba4ba father
ma1ma mother
jie3jie older sister
mei4mei younger sister
ge1ge older brother
di4di younger brother
hai2zi child
ai4 love
yi1sheng1 doctor
hu4shi4 nurse
shao3 few/little
duo1 many
hen3 duo1 very many
zhen1de really
shei2de whose
shei2de hai2zi whose child?
zuo4 do
ji3 how many...?
ni3 you3 ji3ge hai2zi how many children?
ke3shi4 but
hai2 also, in addition
zhi3 only (always to be placed in front of a verb)
you3 have
mei2you3 do not have
shang1ren2 businessman
yun4dong4 yuan2 sportsman
gong1cheng2 shi1 engineer
jiao4shou4 professor
xiao4zhang3 principal
liang3 two (modifies people & objects; INCLUDE ge), i.e., laing3 ge jie3jie
Created by: seanherman