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salts stacks

meagan's stack

what % make up the salts in sea water 99%
the six major ions are Na+, Mg+2 , Ca+2, K+, Cl-, So4-2
ions are the major constituents of sea water
all elements dissolved in sea water are called trace elements
chemit from H.M.S challenger william Dittman
determing salinity can ure the process called cholrinty
you can use a electrical probe to measure the electrical conduativity
the Aug salt water is 35 0/00
the red sea pursian gulf is 40-42 0/00
mediteransea 38-39 0/00
sea spray water splashing above high tide
Evaporites isolated seawater, evaporation orrurs, deposits left behind
absorption biological living organisms
adsorption attraction of ions to solid surface
ions that are required for plant growth are called fertilzers
organic substances are carbohydrates, lipids , proteins, vitamins, hormones, wastes products
homeotherms warm blooded
thermocline a substance zone of rapid temp and density change own depths
photosynthesis plants remove Co2 and add O2
Co2 is added at all depths
the pH scale is form 0-14
in the pH scale what is neutral 7.0
below 7.0 acids
above 7.0 bases
acid rain precpitation which exceeds normal pH 5.6
Created by: meagan