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Bzorek Kramm Everest

Bzorek Kramm Everest vocabulary

altitude height above sea level
acclimatize to slowly adapt to the low air pressure & low oxygen levels at a higher altitude
assault team two or more climbers who attempt to reach a mountain summit
avalanche a mass of snow, ice, or rock pouring down a mountainside
base camp a central setup of tents where food, equipment, and medical supplies are stored; a relay site for climbers
Buddhist Based on the teachings of Buddha; a member of the religion that adheres to the teachings of Buddha
Puja ceremony a prayer ceremony to ask the gods for blessings
col A depression or pass in a mountain range
cornice An overhanging mass of hardened snow at the edge of a ridge, usually formed by wind
cwm a valley on the side of a hill or mountain
crampon Metal frame with spikes worn on hiking boots for ice climbs
crevasse A deep, open crack in a glacier
Gamow bag an inflatable pressure bag to treat severe altitude sickness
icefall a cascade of ice that results when a glacier descends over a changing slope of ground beneath
ice pick a tool for chopping ice or securing oneself while climbing over ice
self-arrest a technique a falling climber uses to stop a fall by using an ice axe or his own body
porter A person who carries supplies
Sherpa A clan of people originally from Tibet who live along Nepal's mountainous eastern border with Tibet; often regarded as expert climbers
sirdar A Sherpa leader on a mountaineering or trekking expedition
summit The highest point
traverse To cross a mountain slope
traverse a steep slope that has to be climbed from side to side
Created by: jkramm
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