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G4 Eye and Light

What is a structure? What something looks like, or what parts it has.
What is a function? What something does.
What is the function of the cornea? Protects the eye and helps to focus light into the eye.
What is the function of the lens? Helps to focus light onto the retina.
What is the function of the pupil? Adjusts the amount of light that enters the eye.
What is the function of the iris? It controls the size of the pupil which in turn controls the amount of light that enters the eye.
What is the function of the retina? It detects light and changes it into a signal that is sent to the brain.
What is the function of the optic nerve? It is the pathway the electrical signal (created by the retina) follows to the brain.
What is the main function of the eye? To gather, focus, and transmit light through a lens to create an image of the surrounding environment.
How do eyes help animals to survive? Vision helps animals to see predators, prey, environment, friends, and shelter that can help them to survive.
Why do some people have blurry vision? The eye is too long or too short so the focused image is not actually on the retina.
How can we correct blurry vision? Glasses or contacts.
How does the pupil change when it is dark? The pupil of the eye will get large.
Why does the pupil change when it is dark? The pupil gets bigger to let more light into the eye.
How does the pupil change when it is very bright? The pupil of the eye will get small.
What are the four conditions we need to be able to see? Light, objects, eye, and direct path between the light and object.
If it was completely dark, like in a cave without lights, would you be able to see? No.
Where does the light enter the eye? Light enters the eye through the pupil.
How does the iris / pupil react to the light? A brighter light means that the pupil will be smaller.
How does the retina react to light? The retina changes light into a signal to be sent to the brain.
If we were to see the image on the back of the eye, what would it look like? upside-down due to the refraction of the lens.
In order for us to see an object, light must _______________ off the object. reflect
In order for us to see an object, the lens ___________ the image on to the retina. refracts
What happens when light is reflected from an object? Light bounces off.
What happens when light is refracted through an object? Light bends as it goes through a different substance.
What are photoreceptors? Cells in the retina that are sensitive to light.
Where are photoreceptors found? In the retina
What is the function of photoreceptors? They turn light into a signal in order to send information to the brain.
What is a perception? It is how our brain interprets information from our senses.
What is an optical illusion? An image or situation we perceive differently than what is really present.
What structure is pathway from the eye to the brain to the body when we react to something? the nerves or nervous system
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