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Ecce Ch7 Sentences


In villa sedet vir Romanus, nomine Gaius Cornelius, qui est pater Marci et Corneliae A Roman man, named Gaius Cornelius, who is the father of Marcus and Cornelia, is sitting in the country house.
Cornelius est senator Romanus. Cornelius is a Roman senator.
Solus sedet quod multas epistulas scribere vult. He is sitting alone because he wants to write many letters.
Dum pater occupatus est, Marcus et Sextus et Cornelia in agris vicinis errant. While father is busy, Marcus and Sextus, and Cornelia are wandering in the neighboring fields.
Ibi multos servos laborantes spectant. They watch many slaves working there.
Subito nuntium conspiciunt qui ad eos venit. Suddenly they catch sight of a messenger who is coming toward them.
Nuntius, ubi advenit, pueros salutat. The messenger, when he arrives, greets the children.
"Salve!" respondet Marcus. "Greetings!" Responds Marcus.
"Quem tū petis?" "For whom are you searching?"
Nuntius, "Gaium Cornelium peto," inquit. The messenger says, "I'm looking for Gaius Cornelius."
Marcus, "Gaius Cornelius est pater meus" inquit. Marcus says, "Gaius Cornelius is my father."
"Est in villā." He is in the country house.
Nuntium in villam ducit et patrem petit. He leads the messenger to the country house and seeks his father.
"Pater," inquit Marcus, "nuntius in villā est." "Father" Marcus says, "The messenger is in the country house."
Cornelius statim venit et nuntium salutat. Cornelius immediately comes and greets the messenger
Epistulam nuntius tradit. the messenger hands over the letter.
Cornelius, ubi epistulam legit, "eheu" inquit. When Cornelius reads the letter "Alas!" he says
"Princeps senatorēs Romanōs ad urbem revocat." "The emperor calls back the Roman senators to the city."
"eōs consulere vult." "He wants to consult them."
"necesse est ad urbem redire." "It is necessary to return to the city."
"eugepae!" clamat Sextus, quī Romam redīre vult. "Hooray!" shouts Sextus, who wishes to return to Rome.
Gemit Cornelia quod Flavia ad urbem venīre nōn potest. Cornelia grumbles because Flavia cannot come to the city.