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Study Guide for Darkroom

T or F The camera and the enlarger both have an aperature with F-stop settings. True
T or F The focusing aid should be used with photopaper in the easel. False
T or F The larger the number of the F-stop the more the aperature is open to let light on to the paper. False
T or F The shutter of the enlarger is located on the lamp house. False
T or F Prints should be picked up with your fingers when developing paper. False
T or F It is ok to bring print paper out into the light once you have fixed it. True
T or F Print paper should always be kept in a safe box until ready to use at the enlarger. True
T or F Before printing a large print, you must first make a test strip and a confirmation. True
T or F The support base of the enlarger must be tightened down to secure the enlarger at a given height. True
A light tight room equipped for photographic work is called a dark room
the machine used to cast light through a negative sheet onto a sheet of paper is called an enlarger
The lamp house contains: the bulb, condensing lens, negative carrier, bellows, and aperature
The negatives are held tight in the negative carrier
The paper is masked and held in an metal enlarging easel
The length of the light exposure is controled by the timer
While developing print paper, these help in removing the paper from the tray to tray. tongs
At least three chemicals are needed to develop a print, in order they are: developer, stop bath, and fixer
Developer time varies depending on when the developer is made: Day 3 the time should be? 3 minutes
Fixer should be checked if it is good by using what? Hypo check
The time in the stop bath is? 30 seconds
Your print should always be washed for? 5 minutes
T or F Chemicals come in concentrates and must be mixed before using? True
T or F it is ok to dump chemicals down the drain? False
T or F You must make a confirmation first before segmenting ? False
Created by: MsDeJong