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Common Abbre

Common Abbreviations Medical Terminology

aa of each
ad lib as much as desired
aq. water
ASA, APC aspirin; aspirin ,phenacetin, caffeine
b.i.d. twice a day
BP blood pressure
CA cancer
c with
CAD coronary artery disease
CBC complete blood count
c.c. cubic centimeter (equal to ml)
C.C. or C/C chief complaint
CCU or MICU coronary care unit; medical intensive care unit
CHF congestive heart failure
c/o complains of
CO carbon dioxide
CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation
COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
CVA cerebrovascular accident
CVP central venous pressure
D.C. discontinue
DOA dead on arrival
DOE dyspnea on exertion
Dx diagnosis
EEG electroencephalogram
EKG, ECG electrocardiogram
ER/ED emergency room/emergency department
ETOH alcohol
fl. fluid
Fx fracture
GB gall bladder
GI gastrointestinal
Gm. gram
gr grain
GU genitourinary
h, hr. hour
H. (H) hypodermic
Hb., Hgb hemoglobin
Hct. hemocratic
H&H hemoglobin and hemocratic
Hg. mercury
Hx history
H&P history and physical
IC intracardiac
ICU intensive care unit
IM intramuscular
IV intravenous
L. liter
LOC level of consciousness
MAE moves all extremities
mEq milliequivalent
mg., mgm milligram
MI myocardial infarction
MICU mobile intensive care unit, medical intensive care unit
ml. milliliter
MS morphine sulfate
MS multiple sclerosis
NaHCO sodium bicarbonate
NPO nothing by mouth
NTG nitroglycerin
O2 oxygen
OB obstetrics
O.D. overdose
O.R. operating room
p after
p.c. after meals
P.E. physical exam
p.o.or PND by mouth
pt. patient
PT physical therapy
PTA prior to admission
PERL pupils equal and react to light
q every
q.h. every hour
q.i.d. 4x a day
qtt drop
RBC red blood cells
RHD rheumatic heart disease
R/O rule out
Rx take: treatment
ROM range of motion
s without
S.C., S.Q. sub cutaneous
SICU surgical intensive care unit
S.L. sub lingual
S.O.B. short of breath
ss half
stat immediately
Subq subqutaneous
t.i.d. three times a day
TPR temperature, pulse, respiration
V.S. vital signs
W.B.C. white blood count
W/ with
WNL within normal limits
y.o. year old
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