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Prefix Med Term

Prefixes Medical Terminology

a-, an- without, lack of
ab- away from
abdomi(n) abdomen
acr- pertaining to the extremity
ad- to, toward
aden- pertaining to gland
ana- up, back, again
angio- blood vessel
ante- before, forward
anti- against, opposed to
arter- artery
arthro- pertaining to joint
auto- self
bi- two
blast- germ or cell
bleph- pertaining to eyelid
bio- life
brady- slow
calc-; lith- stone
cardi- pertaining to heart
cerebr- brain
cerv- neck
cephal- pertaining to head
chole- pertaining to bile
chondr- cartilage
circum- around, about
contra- against, opposite
cost- pertaining to rib
cyan- blue
cyst- pertaining to bladder or any fluid containing sack
cyt- cell
derma- skin
di- twice, double
dia- through, completely
dys- with difficulty
ecto- out from
edem- swelling
electr- electricity
endo- within
enter- pertaining to the intestines
epi- upon, on
erythro- red
exo- outside
febr- fever
gastr- pertaining to the stomach
glyco- sugar
gynec- pertaining to women
hem-, hemat- pertaining to blood
hemi- half
hepat- liver
hydr(o)- water
hyper- over, excessive in
hypo- under, deficient in
hyster- pertaining to uterus
infra- below, after
inter- between
intra- within
iso- equal
later(o)- side
leuk- pertaining to anything white
macro- large
mal- bad abdominal disorder
mening(o)- meninges
micro- small
mono- one
my- pertaining to muscle
nas(o)- nose
neo- new
nephr- pertain to kidney
neur(o) nerve
ogli- little
oophor- pertaining to ovary
opthal- pertaining to eye
orchi- testicle
ortho- straight
os- mouth
osteo- pertaining to bone
ot- pertaining to ear
para- by the side of
per- through
phago- to eat
pharyng- throat
peri- surrounding
phleb- vein
pneum- pertaining to lung
poly- many
post- after, behind
pre- before
pro- before, in front of, forward
pulmo- lung
proct- pertaining to rectum
pseudo- false
psych- pertaining to the mind
py- pertaining to pus
pyle- pertaining to kidney pelvis
quadr- four
rhin- pertaining to nose
retro- backward
salping- pertaining to a tube
sclero- hard
semi- half
sub- under, moderately
super-; supra- above
sym- with, together
tachy- fast
thorac(o)- chest
trans- across
tri- three
uni- one
vaso- vessel
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