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Chapter 21 verbs

Principal parts practice

surgo, surgere, ____________, surrecturus, to get up, rise surrexi
surgo, surgere, surrexi, ________________, to get up, rise surrecturus
surgo, ____________, surrexi, surrecturus, to get up, rise surgere
surgo, surgere, surrexi, surrecturus, ______________ to get up, rise
sum, ___________, fui, futurus, to be esse
sum, esse, ______, futurus, to be fui
sum, esse, fui, ________________, to be futurus
________, esse, fui, futurus, to be sum
___________, adiuvare, adiuvi, adiutus, to help adiuvo
adiuvo, adiuvare, _____________ , adiutus, to help adiuvi
adiuvo, adiuvare, adiuvi , ____________, to help adiutus
adiuvo, adiuvare, adiuvi , adiutus, ______________ to help
____________, ponere, posui, positus, to place, put pono
pono, ponere, _________, positus, to place, put posui
pono, ponere, posui, _____________, to place, put positus
pono, ponere, posui, positus, ____________ to place, put
conicio, conicere, conieci, coniectus, ____________ to throw
conicio, conicere, conieci, ______________, to throw coniectus
conicio, _____________, conieci, coniectus, to throw conicere
conicio, conicere, ________________, coniectus, to throw conieci
eo, ire, ii or ivi, iturus, _____________ to go
eo, _________ , ii or ivi, iturus, to go ire
eo, ire, ii or ivi, _____________, to go iturus
peto, petere, petivi, petitus, ____________ to seek
peto, ___________, petivi, petitus, to seek petere
peto, petere,_______________, petitus, to seek petivi
invenio, invenire, inveni, inventus, _____________ to find
invenio, ________________, inveni, inventus, to find invenire
invenio, invenire,______________ , inventus, to find inveni
invenio, invenire, inveni, ______________ , to find inventus
removeo, removere, removi, remotus, ________________ to remove
removeo, removere, ______________ , remotus, to remove removi
removeo, ___________________ , removi, remotus, to remove removere
removeo, removere, removi, ______________ , to remove remotus
extraho, extrahere, extraxi, extractus, ___________ to drag out
extraho, extrahere,______________ , extractus, to drag out extraxi
extraho, extrahere, extraxi, _______________ , to drag out extractus
extraho, _______________, extraxi, extractus, to drag out extrahere
video, videre, vidi, visus, ___________ to see
video, ________________ , vidi, visus, to see videre
video, videre,_________ , visus, to see vidi
video, videre, vidi, _____________ , to see visus
______________ , videre, vidi, visus, to see video
iubeo, iubere, iussi, iussus, ______________ to order
iubeo, iubere, _______________ , iussus, to order iussi
iubeo, iubere, iussi, ______________, to order iussus
iubeo, _____________ , iussi, iussus, to order iubere
_______________ , iubere, iussi, iussus, to order iubeo
volo, velle, volui, -------, ______________ to wish
volo, _____________, volui, -------, to wish velle
volo, velle, _____________, -------, to wish volui
dico, dicere, dixi, dictus, _____________ to say
dico, dicere, ____________ , dictus, to say dixi
dico, dicere, dixi, ______________ , to say dictus
dico, ________________ , dixi, dictus, to say dicere
possum, posse, potui, ------, _______________ to be able
possum, posse,______________ , ------, to be able potui
possum, ________________ , potui, ------, to be able posse
_____________, posse, potui, ------, to be able possum
rideo, ridere, risi, risus, ____________ to laugh
rideo, ____________ , risi, risus, to laugh ridere
rideo, ridere, _____________, risus, to laugh risi
rideo, ridere, risi, ______________ , to laugh risus
____________, ridere, risi, risus, to laugh rideo
inspicio, inspicere, inspexi, inspectus, ______________ to examine
inspicio, inspicere, _____________ , inspectus, to examine inspexi
inspicio, inspicere, inspexi, ______________ , to examine inspectus
inspicio, _____________ , inspexi, inspectus, to examine inspicere
_______________ , inspicere, inspexi, inspectus, to examine inspicio
effugio, effugere, effugi, --------------, ____________ to escape
effugio, effugere, __________, --------------, to escape effugi
effugio, _______________ , effugi, --------------, to escape effugere
________________, effugere, effugi, --------------, to escape effugio
sedeo, sedere, sedi, sessurus, ___________ to sit
sedeo, sedere, _______________ , sessurus, to sit sedi
sedeo, sedere, sedi, _______________ , to sit sessurus
_______________ , sedere, sedi, sessurus, to sit sedeo
tremo, tremere, tremui, --------, _____________ to tremble
tremo, tremere, _____________ , --------, to tremble tremui
______________ , tremere, tremui, --------, to tremble tremo
relinquo, relinquere, reliqui, relictus, ____________ to leave behind
relinquo, relinquere, reliqui, _____________ , to leave behind relictus
relinquo, relinquere, ____________, relictus, to leave behind reliqui
relinquo, _______________ , reliqui, relictus, to leave behind relinquere
respondeo, respondere, respondi, responsurus, ___________ to reply
respondeo, respondere, respondi, ______________ , to reply responsurus
respondeo, respondere, ____________ , responsurus, to reply respondi
_____________ , respondere, respondi, responsurus, to reply respondeo
respondeo, ____________ , respondi, responsurus, to reply respondere
Created by: Mr. Lynch



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