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chapter 6 studyguide

What must happen before a group of organisms can be called a species? They have to be able to mate and reproduce.
How do scientists determine the actual age of fossils? Radioactive Dating
What process is used to determine if one fossil is older than the other? Relative Dating
What is the term that refers to similar structures that related species have inherited from a common ancestor? Homologous Structure
Which term refers to the process by which individuals that are better adapted to their environment are more likely to survive and reproduce? Natural Selection
Why do scientists believe that whales once walked on land? Because fossils show they had legs.
What process is it when two organisms look very similar during their early stages of development? Similarities in development
What 5 types of evidence do scientists combine to determine the evolutionary relationships among species? 1. fossils 2. similarities in early development 3. similarities in body structure 4. DNA similarities 5. Combining evidence
What did Darwin observe about finches in the Galapagos Islands? They have beaks made for food they eat.
How does natural selection lead to evolution? Better adapted ones will survive, others will die.
What are fossils? Preserved remains of organisms that lived in the past.
What are adaptations and why are they important in explaining evolution? Adaptations are traits that help organisms survive and reproduce. We know that some species died and changed (adapted) to survive.
Under what circumstances might a new species form? When divided from same species and reproduce with other species for generations.
What is formed when minerals replace bone? Petrified fossils
What is extinction and how do fossil records help us to understand it? Extinction is when a species dies out. Fossil records help us know when it died out.
What types of comparison are the forelimbs of a bird and a mammal? Homologous structure
What do similarities in the early development of chickens and opossums suggest? We once had a common ancestor
What is the diagram called that allows scientists to show how groups of organisms may be related? Branching Tree
What word is changes in a species over time? evolution
What are variations among species also called? differences
How did studying selective breeding help Darwin develop his theory of evolution? He knew that in selective breeding your choosing traits and those traits are the ones that survive.
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