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Cumulative Quiz

When making an observation you must remember that an observation is always ______. factual
_______ the material that forms Earth's hard surface. rock
The ______ is a molten layer of iron and nickel found inside of Earth. outer core
The energy in an ocean wave comes from ______. wind
In the type of mass movement known as ______, a mass of rock and soil suddenly slips down a slope. slump
Most chemical weathering is caused by _____. water
Animals that only eat other animals, or meat are called _______. carnivores
When you explain or interpret a current situation or observation, you are ________. inferring
The factor that you change in order to get your results is called the ___________. manipulated variable
The lithosphere includes part of the ______ and part of the mantle. crust
The point beneath Earths surface where rock under stress breaks and triggers an earthquake is called ______ focus
Counting the number of red maples in a small area to estimate the number in the entire forest would be an example of __________. random sampling
Created by: leannezecco