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Animal Adaptions

What is an adaptation? It is any body structure or behavioral response that helps an animal survive
What are the 2 ways in which animals hide from predators? Camouflage and Mimicry
What is camouflage? It is when an animal's skin color changes to match or matches the surroundings
What is mimicry? It is when an animal copies the appearance of or looks like something else.
What are the 3 types of Camouflage? Changing skin color, Skin matching environment and Response to weather.
What are some animals that exhibit camouflage? Chameleons, octopuses, sea horses...
What are some animals that exhibit mimicry? Viceroy and Monarch butterflies. Coral and King snakes.
What are some adaptations that animals use to cause painful attacks? Horns, Claws, Quills , Stingers, Venom...
What are some adaptations that help animals prevent direct attacks? Change in size, Shells, Emitting smells, Body fluids...
What are some adaptations that help animals flee? Body design, Sensory organs, Legs, Wings or lightweight skeleton
What are some adaptations that help animals dig or tunnel? Paws and toenails
What are some examples of grouping? herds, packs, colonies, schools
What is disruptive coloration? Animal coloration that confuses predators and they cannot tell one animal apart from another in the herd.
What are some adaptations that animals have for movement? legs, feet and arms, tails, fins, wings, body design, skeleton
What are some adaptations that animals have to obtain resources? beaks, teeth, flexible jaws, tongues, tube-shaped parts, tentacles, pincers, claws, fangs, filter feeding, bulk feeding
What is filter feeding? Animals feed by straining suspended matter and food particles from water.
What is bulk feeding? Animals feed by eating pieces of other organisms or swallow them whole.
Created by: thprabhakar
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