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Undue Influence

Contract Law

Case NameDescription
O'Flanagan v Ray-Ger Ltd Agreed in pub that on death of either the survivor would take full control of the business - forceful personality, disparity in business acumen, away from premises + advisors
Whyte v Meade Young girl joined convent, assigned her property w/o advice + transferred property while very ill
McMackin v Hibernian Bank Unable to enforce guarantee by child of mother's debts (no independent advice)
McGonigal v Black Elderly alcoholic bachelor farmer living alone gave land to neighbour at a large undervalue
Barclays Bank v O'Brien Husband secured company's debt with jointly owned family home; wife demonstrated she left decisions on financial affairs to her husband
Lambert v Lyons Niece and nephew challenged will of art collector - friend stood to benefit exclusively, however he had not even been aware of this
Created by: maevb