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An aquatic invertebrate animal of the phylum Cnidaria

Cnidarians display what kind of symmetry? Radial symmetry
The medusa form of cnidarian is____its mouth is located on the ___of the organism. Motile Bottom
Why is H2O movement in sponges so important? 1)feeding 3)excretion 5)reproduction 2)respiration 4)circulation
what type of animal has a back bone? Vertebrate
What is a blastula? Hollow ball of cells formed during embryonic development.
Sea anemones & corals are members of the class___.They are only found in the___stage.Most reproduce sexualy by___? Anthozoa Polyp External fertilization
What domain contains plants,fungi,protists,& animals? Eukarya
What is a heterotroph? Organism that gains nutrients & energy from feeding on organic compounds from other organisms.
Where is the mesoglea located? Between the epidermis & the gastrodermis.
what is sexual reproduction? fusion of gametes such as egg/sperm.
Sponges reproduce___ in a process called___fertilization. Sexualy Internal
A sponge gets oxygen to its cells by the process of___. Diffusion
This type of animal does not have a back bone. Invertebrate
Cnidarians can respond to stimuli by using a ___ ___. Nerve net.
What is bilateral symmetry? Only one plane can divide body in 2 equal halves.
Animal cells are what? Eukaryotic
Polyps can reproduce asexualy by a process called what? Budding
What is a sponges response system? They don't have one
What does sessile mean? They live their entire life attached to one spot.
How do sponges feed? Filter feed: sift microscopic food particles from H2O.
What are 3 classes of Cnidarians? Scyphozoa Hydrozoa Anthozoa
Do members of the phylum porifera have body symmetry? No
A polyp is___& cant move. Its mouth is located on___of the organism. Sessile The Top
The gastroderm is the inner lining of the___ ___where digestion takes place. Gastrovascular cavity
A genus is composed of a number of related what? Species
What are the 6 kingdoms? 1)Archaebacteria 3)Protista 5)Plantae 2)Eubacteria 4)Fungi 6)Animalia
What is an Osculum? opening at the top of a sponge where H2O exist.
What is radial symmetry? Organism has body parts repeated around the center; can bisect organism anywhere and get two equal halves.
What is taxonomy? Naming & Classifying organisms.
Were does digestion take place in Cnidarians? Gastrovascular cavity
What is an animal that has distinct left & right sides? Bilateral Symmetery
Jellyfish move by means of what? Jet Propulsion
Hydras are members of the class___. Their primary life form is the___. They can reproduce either___or___. Hydrozoa Polyp Sexually or Asexually
How do anemones move? Hydrostatic Skeleton
Intracellular digestion takes place___the cell. Inside
Choanocytes function in sponges to ___... Use flagella to move a current of H2O through the sponge
Jellyfish are members of the class___. Their primary life form is the____. They reproduce____. Scyphozoa Medusa Sexually
What cell layer gives rise to muscles, circulatory, reproductive & excretory systems. mesoderm
Sponges digest food by intracellular digestion in cells called_____. Archaeocytes
How do cnidarians feed? Sting prey with cnidocytes & nematocysts & then bring them into their mouth.
In a cnidarian, cells that sense gravity are_____. Statocysts.
What 7 ways do animals survive? 1)Feeding 3)Circulation 5)Response 7)Reproduction 2)Respiration 4)Excretion 6)Movement
What is a dichotomous key? Set of paired statements used to classify organisms.
Inner layer; forms linings of digestive & respiratory system. Endoderm
What is a cnidocyte? Stinging cells located along tentacles of cnidarians.
Cnidarians get their name from what? Cnidocytes
Soft sponges have an extracellular matrix of____to make them soft. Spongin
Many sponges protect themselves from predators by producing____. Toxins
Unlike plant cells, animal cells do not have____. Cell walls
What are the 3 domains? 1)bacteria 2)archae 3)eukarya
How are domains classified? Cell structure
A_______is a poison-filled stinging structure that contains a tightly coiled dart. Nematocyst
Cnidarians eliminate wastes by the process of______. Diffusion
Some sponges play an important role in the primary productivity of coral reefs by: Having a symbiotic relationship with photosynthetic organisms.
Created by: Scottee S.



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