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SpecEd Legislation

Special Education Legislation

This act provided funding to states for employment training for persons with disabilities, required barriers to employment be removed and required the federal government take affirmative action to hire persons with disabilities. The Rehabilitation Act of 1973
This act assured a free and appropriate public education for students ages 3-18 and later to age 21, development of an individualized education program, education in the least restrictive environment and provided procedural safeguards to parents. Education For All Handicapped Children Act, Public Law 94-142
\This act provided funding to identify who would benefit from assistive technology, identifying resources, acquiring information, sharing information and public awareness. It also defined assistive technology device and assistive technology service. The Technology Related Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities Act of 1988, Public Law 100-407
This act required employers to provide reasonable accommodations in the workplace, equal access to public programs and activities, equal access to services provided by private entities who serve the public and equal telecommunication access. Americans with Disabilities Act, Public Law 101-336
This act changed the term "handicapped" to "individuals with disabilities", added Autism and Traumatic Brain Injury as disability categories, mandated transition plans for students, defined assistive technology and called for earlier access to it. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
Created by: csosnoskie