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Latin Vocab (14&15)

culpa culpae f; fault
cisium cisii n; chariot
ars artis f; skill
periculum periculi n; danger
rota rotae f; wheel
nubes nubis f; cloud
pulvis pulveris m; dust
plaustrum plaustri n; wagon
onus oneris n; load
bos bovis m/f; ox
Concido concidere concidi; to fall down
Gaudeo gaudere gavisus sum; to praise
Cesso cessare cessavi cessatus; to cease
Extraho extrahere extraxi extractus; to drag out
Haereo haerere haesi haesus; to stick
Moveo movere movi motus; to move
Interpello interpellare interpellavi interpellatus; to interrupt
Deverto devertere deverti deversus; to turn aside
Exspecto exspectare exspectavi exspectatus; to expect
Appareo apparere apparui apparitus; to appear
Praetereo praeterire praeterivi praeteritus; to go past
Ago agere egi actus; to do
Sum esse fui; to be
Possum posse potui; to be able
Nolo nolle nolui; to not wish
Volo velle volui; to wish
Incolumis incolumis incolume; safe
Commotus commota commotum; moved (by emotion)
Longus longa longum; long
Tardus tarda tardum; slow
Ille illa illud; that
Frustra (adv) in vain
Placide (adv) gently
Celerrime (adv) quickly
Diu (adv) for a long time
Procul (adv) far away
Fortasse (adv) perhaps
Tantum (adv) only
Created by: Yan.i