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Wildlife Terms

Adaptation The process of making adjustments to the environment
Big Game Term for larger hunted in species in PA this includes deer, elk, bear, and wild turkey. The enforcement of these laws is important part of the PA Game Commission's responsibilities.
Biodiversity A term used to represent the variety of life forms in a given area
Browse To eat the twigs and leaves of woody plants. The method used by deer and elk to feed.
Carnivore A meat eater
Conservation The use of natural resources in a way that assures their continuing availability for future generations
Department of Environmental Protection State agency responsible of environmental laws regarding pollution, water and air quality, and drilling
Department of Conservation and Natural Resources State agency responsible for the management of Pennsylvania's state parks and forests
Diurnal Active by daylight; the opposite of nocturnal
Endangered A species in which it is n danger of extinction throughout all or a large part of its range
Extinction The condition of having been removed from existence and in danger of vanishing from our world
Feral Referring to domesticated animals gone wild
Food Chain The transfer of food energy from the source in plants through a series of animals, with repeated eating and being eaten
Furbearers Legal designation for mammals which may be managed, trapped, and hunted only under regulations of the PA Game Commission. Animals include raccoons, foxes, coyotes, opossums, skunks, weasels, fishers, mink, muskrat, and bobcats
Game Animal Legal designation for animals which may be managed and hunted only under the regulations of the PA Game Commission. Small game in PA include pheasants, ruffed grouse, quail, cottontail rabbits, squirrels, and groundhogs
Habitat The arrangement of food, water, shelter, and space suitable to the needs of wildlife
Herbivore A plant eater
Insectivore An insect eater
Migratory In wildlife, birds or other animals that make annual migrations
Nocturnal Active by night; the opposite of diurnal
Nongame All wildlife species which are not commonly hunted, killed, or consumed by humans, such as songbirds and birds of prey
Omnivore An animal that eats both plant and animal materials
Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commissionl The state agency responsible for the management and protection of fish, amphibians, and reptiles. Also, enforces boating and fishing regulations
Pennsylvania Game Commission The state agency responsible for the protection and management of the wild birds and mammals. Enforces all hunting and trapping regulations
Pollution Harmful substances deposited in the air, water, or land, leading to a state of dirtiness, impurity, and unhealthiness
Predator An animal that kills and eats other animals
Prey Animals that are killed and eaten by other animals
Reintrouction A wildlife management technique where a species is reintroduced or brought back into historic range; replanting of animals in areas where they had become extinct
Renewable Resource Living resources, such as plants and animals, which have the capacity to replace themselves. Conditions for survival are foavorable
Threatened In wildlife terms, a species present in its range but in danger of a decline in numbers
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