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Second semester E.

Contact Touching communication
Presentable IN proper order for the being seen or met by others
Barren Empty bare
Correspondingly In a consistent way
Resolute Determined resolved
Conviction Strong belief certainty
Compare And Contrast Characters Look for similarities and differences among the people in a story
Characters Perspective The way a person understands the world
Characters Traits The personal qualities attitudes and values that make a character unique
Round Characters Are complex showing many different character traits
Flat characters Are one sided showing just a single trait
Distinctions The noting of differences between things
Refugees People who flee from their homes in times of trouble
Melancholy Sad depressed
Acute Sensitive sharp
Distinctness Clarity awareness of detail
Ceased Stopped
Derision Contempt riducle
Logical Reasonable sensible
Indicate To show to hint at
Conclude To decide by reasoning
Evidence Facts that serve as clues or proof
Infer To draw conclusions based on facts
Point of view The perspective from which a story is told
First Person Narrator participates in the action of the story and can tell only what he or she sees knows thinks or feels
Third Person Narrator is not a character in the story but tells events from the outside
Refute Give evidence to prove an argument or statement
Obscure Conceal or hide
Introspective Inward looking thoughtful
Renounced Gave up
Simultaneously At the same time
Incredulously With doubt or disbelief
Rational Appeals Are based facts
Emotional Appeals Are based on feelings
Symbol Is a person place or thing that represents something beyond its literal meaning
Discreet Careful about what one says or does
Credibility Believability
Revelation Something not previously known
Authentic Genuine real
Procession A group moving forward as in a parade
Unseemly Inappropriate
Biography Is a life story written by another person
Autobiography Is a writers account of his or her own life
Persuasive Writing Meant to convince the reader to adopt a particular point of view or take a particular course of action
Expository Writing Presents facts and and ideas or explains a process
Narrative writing Tells the story of real life experiences
Reflective Writing Addresses an experience and includes the writers insights about the events importance
Authors Tone Is the writers attitude toward his or her audience and subject
Voice Is a writers distinctive way of speaking in his or her writing.
Organization Is the way a writer chooses to arrange and present information in a single piece of nonfiction
Chronological Organization Presents details in time order first to last
Comparison-and-contrast Organization Shows the ways in which two or more subjects are similar and different
Cause-and-effect Organizations Shows the relationship among events
Problem-solution Organization Identifies a problem and then proposes a solution
Main Idea Is the central point or message conveyed in a passage or text
Pertinent Relevant having a connection
Topic The subject
Focus Concentrate on one thing
Suggest Show indirectly imply
Imply Hint at suggest
Iimplied Suggested
Synonyms Words that have nearly the same meaning
Fugitives People fleeing from danger
Incentive Something that makes a person act
Disheveled Untidy messy
Mutinous Rebellious
Fastidious Not easy to please very critical of anything crude or course
Devices Techniques or means for working things out
Evaded Avoided
Ignorance Lack of knowledge or awarence