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Verbs Unit Test

What is a verb? shows action or state of being
What is a helping verb? part of a verb phrase and shows tense
What is a verb phrase? helping verb(s) + main verb
What is a main verb? most important verb in a verb phrase, shows action
What is a direct object? receives the action of the verb
What is an action verb? expresses physical or mental action
What is a state-of-being verb? describes being or state of existence
What is difference between regular and irregular verbs? Regular verbs form the past and past participle by adding -ed. Irregular verbs do not add -ed to form the past and past participle.
What is a linking verb? connects the subject to the predicate
What is tense? shows time
Which is an action verb? skipping, am, closely, and skipping
Which is a helping verb? dive, am, love, careful am
Which is a linking verb? run, study, seem, forget seem
Which is a verb phrase? am not going, will you go, should be going, go should be going
Which is an irregular verb? give, kick, skip, like give
What is the direct object in the following sentence? My coach hit the ball to us at practice? ball
What words do the linking verb connect in the following sentence? Sally seems to be happier when she does not have homework. Sally and happier
Is the verb in the following sentence an action verb or a linking verb? Kimmy feels upset because she lost the game. linking
Is the verb in the following sentence an action verb or a linking verb? Jillian feels the soft blanket on her cheeks. action
Which of the following is a verb? not, never, only, and, am, always am
What is a verb tense shift? A verb tense shift is when the writer switches between tenses within a sentence, paragraph, or essay. IT IS NOT GOOD!
What are the 23 helping verbs? am, is, are, was, were, being, been, and be, have, has, had, do, does, did, will, would, shall and should, may, might, must, can, could
What is a vivid verb? it is a more exact or descriptive verb that gives the reader a better image of what is going on
What is the present form of the word jump? jump
What is the present participle of the word chop? chopping
What is the past form of the word feel? felt
What is the past participle of the word swim? swum
What is the present perfect tense of the verb spend? have/has spent
What is the past perfect tense of the verb eat? had eaten
What is the future perfect tense of the verb write? will have written
What is the present perfect tense of the verb say? have/has said
What is the past perfect tense of the verb see? had seen
What is the future perfect tense of the verb grow? will have grown
___________ I use the restroom? may, can may
__________ you tie your shoes? may, can can
Just ________ your pencils on your desk when you are finished. sit, set set
I need to ___________ down for a minute. sit, set sit
My parents _________ me to be kind. rise, raise raise
The moon will _________ soon. rise, raise rise
Which is the most vivid verb? talk, said, ask, yelp yelp
What is subject verb agreement? It is when you use the correct form of the verb so it matches the subject of the sentence correctly.
Jim and Bob ____________ going to the movies. are, is, am are
Kori __________ the piano every day this week. practiced, practice, has practiced, practices has practiced
Created by: dcat30