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Herold 8th Grade Sci

What is matter? anything that takes up space and has mass
What is mass? the amount of "stuff" in an object
What is weight? how mass is affected by gravity
What is the Law of Conservation of Mass? matter cannot be created or destroyed
Why does gasoline float on top of water? gasoline is less dense than water
What is density? the amount of matter in a specific spacethe ratio of mass to volume
List the characteristics of a solid? definite shape, definite volumeparticles are close together
List the characteristics of a liquid takes the shape of its container, definite volumeparticles are close together but can slide past each other
List the characteristics of a gas no definite shape, no definite volumeparticles are far apart
What are two physical properties of water at 0 degrees C? it is a solid and a liquid (water freezes and melts at this temperature)
If you pour five different density liquid into a graduated cylinder, where would you find the liquid with the greatest density? At the bottom
What is energy? The ability to do work
What direction does a magnetic field flow? From north to south
Any disturbance that transmits energy through matter or space Wave
What is the name of the substance that a wave travels through? Medium
What is the lowest point between each crest called? trough
What is the highest point of a wave? Crest
A mechanical wave needs what to travel through? Matter
Can an electromechanical wave travel through space? Yes
What is the distance between any two identical points on a wave? Wave length
The number of events (or waves) in a given amount of time Frequency
Frequency is measured in this Hertz is waves per second
What component of a wave controls loudness amplitude
What component of a wave controls pitch frequency
When a wave bounces off a surface or an object reflection
What kind of reflection a mirror has regular reflection
In what direction does a transverse wave vibrate perpendicular to the direction of the wave
In what direction does a longitudinal wave vibrate parallel to the direction of the wavehas parts called compressions and rarefactions
What kind of reflection does a counter top have? Diffuse reflection
Any push or pull on an object force
A force that opposes all objects in motion friction
When net forces are not equal to zero unbalanced force
What kind of force causes a change in motion unbalanced force
When net forces are equal to zero balanced force
What kind of force will not cause a change in motion balanced force
Two things that speed depends on time and distance
What is velocity time, distance, and direction
How does air resistance affect a falling object? slows it by applying force in the opposite direction
Newton's First Law of Motion an object in motion will stay in motion, an object at rest will stay at rest
Newton's Second Law of Motion acceleration depends on mass and amount of force applied F= m x a
Newton's Third Law of Motion For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction
Resources that are used faster than they can be replaced by nature Nonrenewable resources
Resources that can be replaced as they are used Renewable resources
What is found in the nucleus of an atom? Protons and neutrons
What did Democritus, Dalton, Thomson, Rutherford, and Bohr all have in common? contributed a part to current atomic theory
Were are electrons likely to be found? surrounding the outside of the nucleus in an electron cloud
Smallest particle into which an element can be divided atom
In an atom, the part with the least mass electrons
Where metalloids are located on the periodic table between metals and nonmetals
What the components of a block on the periodic table chemical symbol - the name of the elementatomic number - number of protonsatomic mass/weight - weight of an atom(found by adding protons and neutrons together)
Definition of physical science the study of matter and energy; the study of non-living things
List the steps in the scientific method observationrecognize the problemform a hypothesisanalyze the datadraw conclusionsshare results(Ralph Fell To Another Death Suddenly)
What we use to gather observations our senses
Define observation using the senses to describe the natural world
Define inference an explanation based on facts, but not direct observations.
Key ingredient in an hypothesis it must be testable
Independent variable the variable that is changed
Dependent variable the variable that is not being measuredthe result that depends on the independent variable
Constant the variables that are kept the same
control the standard for comparisonthe "normal" condition
Tools to analyze data Charts and graphs
Scientific theory A set of ideas that tie together many observations
Scientific law Descrrbes how some part of nature acts under certain conditions
The section of a science fair project that answers whether or not the hypothesis was supported conclusion
Two factors necessary for a valid experiment multiple trialscan be done (replicated) by others
Two ways a hypothesis can be written if...thenI predict...
Arsenic (As) ... metal, nonmetal, or metalloid? metalloid
Created by: mrsherold