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ppt 2.01

pp 2.01 vocab

backstage view the view that opens when you click on the file tab, containing commands for managing files, setting program options, and printing.
command a button, list, or other clickable option on the Ribbon
dialog box a box that prompts the user for additional information when executing a command.
dialog box launcher in some command groups on the Ribbon, a small icon that opens a dialog box related to that group
drop-down arrow a small, downward-pointing arrow next to some tools on the Ribbon
Drop-down list a list that appears once a drop-down arrow nis clcked, allowing you to choose from available options
file tab the tab on he ribbon that opens the Backstage view
group a set of related tools on the ribbon
I-beam-pointer the mouse pointer when over a text box or editable text area, appearing as a capital I. if you click when the I-beam-pointer is displayed, the insertion point moves to that spot.
KeyTip a letter or number that appears next to an onscreen tool when the Alt key is pressed; keying that letter or number activates the associated tool.
mini toolbar a small toolbar that appears when the mouse pointer is placed on a selected text object; provides commands for working with the text.
normal view Power Point's default view, suited for editing individual slides; includes the Slide plane, notes plane, and Slides/Outline plane
placeholder on a slide, a box that holds a specific type of content. such as text
quick access toolbar toolbar at the upper-left corner of the PowerPoint window that provides easy access to tools you use frequently, such as Save and Undo
reading view A view like slideshow that allows the user to preview a presentation on the screen except it's in a window rather that filling the entire screen.
ribbon a strip of icons across the top of the powerpoint window divided into tabs which contain groups of related tools
screen tip a pop-up box that gives a command's name when you point at its button on the ribbon
shortcut menu a menu that appears when you right-click an area or object
slide show view a view that allows the useer to preview a presentation on the screen as it will appear to the audience.
slide sorter view a view that displays all the slidesin a single window suited for reorganizing slides
tab a labeled section of the ribbon;contains a group of related tools.
text box a container that hold text on a slide.
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