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CNS 2 - general

Second lecture exam CNS - general

Cranially, the central canal is continuous with the ___ and ___. Inferiorly, it expands to the ___. 1. MO 2. 4th ventricle 3. Terminal ventricle
Lateral cornu function? Where is the lateral horn present? 1. Autonomic motor cornu 2. T1-L2 (T1-T12 has a lateral horn)
How much does the spinal cord weigh? 27-35 grams 2% of total CNS wieght
The spinal cord is how long? 40-45 cms
Max diameter of the spinal cord? WHere? Ocuupies __ % of vertebral canal? 1. 1.3 cm 2 C5-C6 3. 75%
Pontine nuclei accept input from the ___ and relay it to the cerebellum via ___. 1. Cerebral cortex 2. Middle cerebellar nuclei
NCAMs Nerve Cell Adhesion Molecules
Which lamina has the important pain reception area calle substantia gelatinosa? Rexed lamina 2
Dorsal Cornu function Sensory... afferent
Function of ventral cornu Motor... efferent
Which lamina house the nuclei proprius? 3 + 4
Superior and inferior boudries of the spinal cord? Superior: superior most ventral rootlet of C1 spinal nerveInferior: Disc between L1 and L2
Dorsal roots contain ___ fibers? Sensory : afferent
Ventral rootlets contain ___ fibers? Motor : efferent
Where does C1 exit from? Occiput and C1
Where does C4 exit from? C3 and C4
Where does C8 exit from? C7 and T1
Where do S1-S4 nerves exit from? Dorsal and ventral sacral foramina
Where does S5 exit from? Sacral hiatus
Where does CO1 exit from? Sacral hiatus
What exits from the sacral hiatus? The nerves from S5 and CO1
The spinal cord ends between which 2 vertebrae? What is the tapering end of the cord called? 1. Between L1 and L2 2. Cornus medualris
Tiny channel down the center of the spinal cord? Central canal
Longitudinal bundle of white mater that can be anatomically observed Funiculli
Dense concentration of neuron cell bodies Grey mater
Anatomist who discovered 10 lamina on gray mater? Rexed
Lamina 1 Thin cap over dorsal horn
Lamina 5 Formatio reticularis.. only in cervicals!!
Lamina responsible for skeletal muscle movement? 9
Where do alpha motor neurons synapse? Rexed lamina 9
Lamina that surrounds centeral canal? 10
Dense concentraion of neuron fiber axons? White mater
Bundles of functionaly related axons with a funiculus? Tract, fasiculi
Many descending tracts synapse in this lamina, an intermediate area? 7
Lamina on medial aspect of ventral horn? 8
Law that states that ventral roots contain motor fibers and dorsal roots contain sensory fibers? Bell-Magendie Law
Lamina 2 Pain reception : substantia gelintanosa
Lamina 3 and 4 Nuclei proprius
2 nuclei that are found in lamina 7 Nucleus dorsalis = Clark's column and intermediolateral nuclei in lateral horn
Created by: LrB