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Earth's Atmosphere

The layer of the Earth that is just above the troposphere Stratosphere
Water in droplet form is in which state of matter? liquid
The layer in the stratosphere that contains a high concentration of ozone Ozone layer
The layer of the atmosphere that contains a region of ions. Ionosphere
The layer of the atmosphere that is closest to the Earth is the troposphere
Water is gaseous form is called water ____. vapor
Water vapor is said to be the main component of Earth's ______ atmosphere. Ancient
The gas that makes up 78% of todays' atmosphere. nitrogen
The gas that makes up 21% of today's atmosphere. oxygen
The gas that is used by plants for photosynthesis carbon dioxide
The gas that is produced through photosynthesis oxygen
Ozone is beneficial higher in the atmosphere because it ______ solar radiation traps
Since ozone traps __________, it is dangerous when found low on the Earth. radiation
The ions in the ionosphere reflect ____ _____ ____. AM radio waves
The liquids produced by the burning of fossil fuels are called ____. acids
The troposphere is where our ________ occurs weather
The atmospheric layer above the mesosphere thermosphere
displays of colored lights auroras
The atmosphere layer farthest from the Earth. Exosphere
Always decreases with altitude air pressure
Sometimes decreases with altitude temperature
___________ causes air pressure gravity
carbon dioxide, water vapor and other gases make up _____% of the atmosphere. one
Volcanic eruptions produce solid particles called ________. ash
The condensed water particles that collect on solid dust particles in the atmosphere are called ____________. They are found in the troposphere. clouds.
___________ fly in the troposphere. airplanes
______ are small bodies of matter from outer space that enters the earth's atmosphere. meteors
satellites are found in the ________ layer of the atmosphere. exosphere.
Meteors are found in the __________ layer of the atmosphere. thermosphere.
mass divided by volume is called density
Created by: dicksona
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