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sci triv wk7

Mrs. Hussey 5th Grade Science

Fish need oxygen to breathe. Where does most of this oxygen that they need come from the oxygen can get in the water in many ways such as through splashing of wather or through plants
Mammals are warm-blooded. What does this mean allows them to be active when reptiles are hardly able to move also allows mammals to live in habitats where reptiles cannot live at all
Something we eat every day is made up of two poisons, sodium and chloride. We can't live without it. What is this ordinary object table salt
Give a simple definition for absolute zero coldest temperature theoretically possible
The structure inside animal and plant cellls that contains most of the DNA is called the nucleus
What is xanthophyll yellow pigment in plants that like chlorophyll is responsible for the production of carbohydrates by photosynthesis
Any material, such as plastic or rubber, that doesn't permit the flow of electricity and is often used to coat electrical wires is called an insulator
Give a simple definition for friction when two objects rub against each other
What are deciduous trees trees that shed their leaves for a part of every year
What are the tiny organisms that live in the top (sunny) part of the ocean called plankton
Created by: rhgoldie