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sci triv wk5

Mrs. Hussey 5th Grade Science

What is a crevasse a deep crack in a glacier
What part of the human body is the dermis skin, contains blood vessels, hair follicles and sweat glands, the second layer of skin
What is Newton's THIRD LAW OF MOTION for every action there is a reaction
What is Newton's SECOND LAW OF MOTION force equals mass times exceleration, the force needed to move an object is dependant upon the mass of the object
What does the geologic term rifting mean when the earth's crust and lithosphere pull apart 2 plates in the earth move away from each other
What does the term locomotion mean movement and travel, being able to move
What is a tuber part of a plant that is found underground that stores energy like a potato
What is cholesterol waxy substance produced by the liver, too much cholesterol can clog your arteries, helps nerve cells get stronger
What does a barometer measure atmospheric pressure, high pressure-nice day, low pressure-bad weather
Acoustics is the study of sound
Created by: rhgoldie