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sci triv wk3

Mrs. Hussey 5th Grade Science

The human heart has four chambers. What are the two upper chambers called right atrium and left atrium
What is the pharynx and how long is it the throat about 15 centimeters
What is chyme a paste composed of partially digested food which enters the small intestine
What does the term homeostasis mean maintaining a constant state within the body
Cytoplasm is part of the human cell. What is the purpose of cytoplasm jelly like substance that provides a safe place for substances within the cell
The duodenum, the jejunum, and the ilium are part of a long tube called the small intestine
The tiniest blood vessels in your body are so small that blood cells must go through single file. These blood vessels are called capillaries
What is an involuntary muscle muscles which contract without conscious control of them
Where is the thyroid gland located and what does it do front of the neck, controls metabolism
The part of the brain that controls all of the voluntary muscles in your body is the cerebrum
Created by: rhgoldie