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science vocabulary

vocabulary for school

reference point A location which you compare other location
motion the change of position over time
speed a measurment of how fast something moves
velocity a speed in a specific direction
vector a quanity that has both size and direction
acceleration the rate at which velocity changes over time
force a push or pull something that changes the motion of the objects
net force the overall force acting an object when on an of the forces acting on it are combine
newton first law of motion object at rest tend to stay at rest until a object push or pull on it
interia the resistance of an object to a change in the speed or the direction of its motion
2nd law of motion big force big acceleration
newtons 3rd law for every action their is an opposite reaction
gravity the force that object exerts on each other because of their masses
friction a force that resist the motion between two surface in contact
fluid a substance that can flow easily
air resistance the friction due to air
mass a measure are of low much matter an object is made from of
weight the force of gravity on an object
energy the ability to do work or to cause a change
kinetic energy the energy of motion
potiential energy stored energy the energy an object has due to its position
work the use of force to move an object over a distance
mechanical energy a combination of kinetic energy and potential energy an object has
law of conservation of energy a law state that no matter how energy is transferred or transform all of the energy is form
inclined plane is a slopping surface a ramp is an example of one
pulley a wheel with a groove rim and rope of a cable
wheel and axel is attached to shaft or axel
screw is an inclined plane wrapped a round a slinder or a cone to form
lever a solid bar that rotates or turns around a fixed point of fulcrum
wedge a wedge is a simple machine that has a thick end and a thin end
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