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7th Grade 1/29/2016

Mrs. Steger Weather

The State of the Atmosphere at a given time and place Weather
Temperature, moisture, wind, air pressure Weather
The layer of gases surrounding earth composed mainly of nitrogen and oxygen Atmosphere
Lowest layer of the atmosphere. Weather occurs in this layer Troposphere
Second layer of the atmosphere ~ Jets fly through ozone found here Stratosphere
Middle layer of the atmosphere. Meteors burn up here. Mesosphere
Upper layer of the atmosphere. Northern Lights. Space Shuttle Thermosphere
Layer of the atmosphere that merges with space Exosphere
Air pollution can be Global, Regional, & Local
Layer of atmosphere; gas made of three oxygen atoms (03); absorbs 99% of sun's harmful UVB rays Ozone layer
Don't sunbathe; the sun is radiation tanning also increases your risk. Avoid the sun especially between 10 am & 4 pm. Ways to avoid skin cancer
Seek shade; wear a shirt (thicker & darker); wear sunglasses; be especially weary fair skinned people. Ways to avoid skin cancer
The pressure caused by the weight of the atmosphere Air pressure
As elevation increases, air pressure decreases
An instrument that measures air pressure. Barometer
Warm air rises, cool air sinks
Travels from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure Wind
Form where cold air moves towards warm air. Creates rain storms Cold Front
Form where warm air moves toward cold air. Warm Front
When cold & warm cannot overtake each other (tie) Stationery Front
Polar Easterlies; Prevailing Westerlies; Horse Latitudes; Trade Winds, Doldrums, Trade Winds, Horse Latitude, Prevailing Westerlies; polar Easterlies. Global Winds
Cause by the rotating of the earth. A rotating body deflects Coriolis Force
Any of the high speed, high altitude, air current that circle the earth in a westerly direction Jet Stream
The cooling effect of wind and temperature combined. The higher the wind, the cooler it gets. Wind Chill
The reflectiveness of a surface. Black observes all colors while white reflects all colors. Albedo
A measure of the average kinetic energy (motion) of individual molecules and matter. 100 degree Celsius equals water boils 0 degrees celsius equals water freezers. Temperature.
A devise that measures the heat from expanding and contracting liquids or coils. Thermometer
What are the seasons are caused by the Tilt of the earth axis 23.5 degrees
The continuous movement of water on, above, and below the surface of the earth. The Water Cycle (Hydrologic Cycle)
Substance changes from a liquid state to a gas state (requires energy.) Evaporation
Water vapor (gas) turns back to a liquid. (energy required/cold) ~ cloud formation Condensation
Water that is so heavy that it falls as liquid/solid. Precipitation.
Moisture condensed from atmosphere, esp at night, and deposited in the form of small drops upon any cool surface. Dew
A visible body of very fine water droplets or ice particles suspended in the atmosphere at different altitudes. Cloud
High altitude wispy clouds made of ice crystals. Cirrus
White puffy clouds Cumulus
Low lying layered clouds. Usually and grey and dull. Stratus
Very tall dense, heavy, dark massive thunderstorms, hard showers, explosive top, great vertical development. Cumulonimbus
The study of atmosphere that focuses on weather process and forecasting. Meteorology
Thermometer; Anemometer; barometer; Rain gauge; satellites. Weather tools.
Measures temperature Thermometer
Identifies wind direction Wind Vane
Measures air pressure Barmometer
Measures rainfall Rain gauge
Satellites Provide a larger view of weather
A line drawn on a weather map or chart linking all points of equal or constant temperatures Isotherm
The gradual warming of the earth caused by the green house effect. Man made emissions of green house gases. Climate Change
A large, distinctive complex of plant communities, created and maintained by climate. Biome
This biome is very wet with warm temperatures. This biome has the most plants and animals. Tropical Rainforest.
Created by: smithcarla