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Hackers 14day

Hackers Vocab.14

accidental contingent, casual, unexpected, unintentional" 우연한
adorn decorate, beautify, ornament" 장식하다
captivate enthrall, enchant, fascinate" 매혹하다
coax cajole, persuade" (~을 하도록) 시키다
claim demand, request, require" 요구하다
commemorate celebrate 기념하다
confident certain, convinced" 확신하는
defy challenge, brave" 도전하다
delicacy sensitivity, frailty" 섬세함, 약함
disadvantage harm, damage, injury" 손해
famous celebrated, well-known, distinguished" 유명한
feast celebration, anniversary, ceremony" 축제
freight cargo, shipment, load" 화물
gather collect, aggregate, assemble" 모으다
generosity charity, bountifulness" 관용
glad delighted, elated" 기쁜
grand imposing, stately, august" 웅장한
hearten encourage, inspire, cheer" 격려하다
hub center 중심
humid damp, moist" 습기 있는
incarcerate imprison, confine" 감금하다
incised carved 새겨진
incommode disturb, trouble" 괴롭히다
joyless cheerless, gloomy, dismal" 쓸쓸한
juvenile children's 어린
main chief, prime, principal" 주요한
negligence carelessness 태만
occur happen, befall" (사건이)일어나다
opportunity chance, occasion" 기회
overtake catch up with 따라잡다
prudent cautious, discreet, careful, wary" 신중한
repress quell, suppress, subdue" 억누르다
revise modify, change, correct" 수정하다
spirit mind, tendency, inclination" 성향
skillful deft, adept, dexterous, adroit, proficient" 숙련된
sociable gregarious, companionable, social" 사교적인
transformation change, transition" 변화
transport carry, convey" 운송하다
trick cheat, beguile, delude" 속이다
variable changeable, inconstant, fickle" 변화하는
wholesome healthful, healthy, salutary" 건강에 좋은
Created by: msyang98