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Hackers 13day

Hackers Vocab.13

admire esteem, revere" 존경하다
adversity calamity, catastrophe, misfortune" 역경
careless heedless, reckless, indiscreet" 경솔한
cheat deceive, trick, delude" 속이다
composed calm, tranquil" 차분한
conceal hide, cover, bury" 숨기다
conciseness brevity 간결함
deliberate careful, thoughtful, cautious" 신중한
glow shine, radiate, beam" 빛나다
hiatus break, interruption, gap" 틈
incinerate burn 태우다
indignity humiliation, insult, scorn" 경멸
light-hearted carefree, gay, joyful, merry" 즐거운
load burden 짐, 부담"
luster sheen, brightness, brilliance, radiance" 광채
massive huge, bulky, large, immense" 육중한
occupy capture, seize" 점유하다
placid calm, peaceful, tranquil" 평온한
polish brighten, shine, gloss" 광내다
prove verify, substantiate, confirm" 판명되다
purchase buy, procure" 사다
restful peaceful, undisturbed, pacific" 편안한
restrict limit, confine, restrain" 제한하다
rupture breach, burst 파열, 분쟁
scrutiny examination, investigation, inspection" 정밀조사
self-evident evident, obvious, clear" 자명한
shameless impudent, insolent, unashamed" 뻔뻔스러운
shatter break, smash" 박살 내다
shock jolt, startle" 충격을 주다.
significant important, substantial, remarkable, consequential, momentous" 중요한
sincere earnest, genuine, true" 진실한
slaughter massacre, butcher, kill" 학살하다
strife conflict, struggle, fight" 싸움
summon convene, convoke, bid" 소환하다
sweeping broad, comprehensive, wholesale" 전반적인
tall high, elevated, lofty (키가)큰, 높은
tremendous huge, gigantic, colossal" 엄청난
vivid bright, pictorial, realistic, lifelike" 선명한, 세세한
vocation job, occupation, employment" 직업
whim caprice, whimsy" 변덕
Created by: msyang98