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Hackers 10day

Hackers Vocab.10

advantage benefit, profit, behalf" 이익
barrier bar, obstruction, barricade, obstacle" 장애물
beg entreat, implore, beseech" 간청하다
betray be unfaithful to, be a traitor to" 배신하다
bind tie, band, bond, fasten" 묶다
brute beast, animal" 짐승
circumvent avoid, bypass, go around" 우회하다
clumsy awkward, unskillful" 서투른
commence begin, start, originate" 시작하다
conduct behavior, demeanor, bearing, manner" 행동
conscious aware 의식하고 있는
credit belief, trust, confidence" 신용
cruel barbarous, ferocious" 잔혹한
desolate barren, ravaged" 황량한
donation gift, contribution, offering" 기증
exchange barter, interchange, swap" 교환하다
foundation basis, base, ground" 기초
fundamental basic, essential, primary" 근본적인
gang band, clique" 소집단
good-will benevolence, favor, kindness" 호의
greed avidity, avarice, covetousness" 탐욕
hatred aversion, hate, detestation" 증오
justify prove, confirm, verify" 증명하다
lament deplore, grieve, mourn, bemoan" 슬퍼하다
microorganism microbe, bacterium" 미생물
moody gloomy, sullen" 우울한
origin beginning, source"
predict foretell, prophesy, foresee" 예측하다
progress improvement, advance, development" 발전
scoop gather, lift, pick up" 긁어 모으다
score gain, win" 얻다
shine beam, glare" 빛나다
shy bashful, reserved, coy, timid" 수줍은
skilled skillful, adept, expert, proficient" 숙련된
stem base, root" 어간
stem stop, dam, obstruct" 막다
stem derive, proceed, originate" 유래하다
subdue conquer, defeat, suppress" 정복하다
subsidize back, finance, fund" 후원하다
sustain support, bear, uphold" 지탱하다
unanimity accord, agreement" (만장) 일치
Created by: msyang98