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Hackers 7day

Hackers Vocab.07

abolish annul, nullify, revoke" 폐지하다
acknowledge confess, own, admit" 인정하다
adversary antagonist, enemy, foe" 적
aesthetic artistic 미적인
affect influence, impact" ~에 영향을 미치다
affect pretend, feign, assume" ~인 체하다
apprehension anxiety, misgiving" 염려
aptitude aptness, fitness, suitability" 적성
assail assault, attack" (맹렬히) 공격하다
attachment affection 애착
bear carry, transport, convey" 운반하다
bear yield, provide, produce" 생산하다
bother annoy, trouble, disturb" 괴롭히다
declare announce, proclaim" 선언하다
dispute argue, debate" 논쟁하다
dubious arguable, doubtful" 의심스러운
expect anticipate, await" 기대하다
faculty ability, capacity, aptitude" 능력
field area 분야
guiltless sinless, blameless, innocent" 결백한
influx arrival, incoming" 유입
inquire ask, query" 질문하다
lure seduce, allure, decoy" 유혹하다
mount ascend, climb, scale" 오르다
murder assassination 살인
outstrip surpass, outrun, excel" 앞지르다
pertinent relevant, germane, applicable" 관련된
presume assume, suppose" 가정하다
proud arrogant, haughty, overbearing" 거만한
refer attribute, ascribe, impute" ~의 탓으로 돌리다
roughly approximately, nearly" 대략
semblance appearance 외관
semblance analogy, similarity, likeness" 유사함
sophisticated complex, complicated" 복잡한
stage level, phase, period" 단계
talent aptitude, capability, faculty, gift, ability" 재능
terrible dreadful, awful, frightful" 무시무시한
tiny little, minuscule, small" 작은
tyrannical despotic, oppressive, arbitrary" 독재적인
verge brink, rim, margin, border, edge" 경계
zealous enthusiastic, eager, passionate" 열정적인
Created by: msyang98