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Hackers 6day

Hackers Vocab.06

agile quick, light, nimble" 민첩한
ample large, spacious, vast" 넓은
arbitrarily randomly 임의로
bright radiant, glowing, brilliant" 빛나는
brightness radiance 빛
competent qualified, capable, proficient" 유능한
conjure recall 불러내다, 상기시키다"
conjure implore 간청하다
contemptible mean, abject, base" 비열한
durable lasting, enduring, constant" 지속되는
dwarf pygmy 난쟁이
extinct vanished, defunct" 멸종된
fabricate make, build, construct, concoct" 만들어내다
foster rear, breed, nourish, raise, promote" 기르다
fury rage, anger, wrath" 분노
grudge malice, spite, malevolence" 원한
harm damage, mischief, detriment" 손해
innocent sinless, blameless, guiltless" 결백한
impute attribute, ascribe, refer" ~의 탓으로 돌리다
leave depart 떠나다
lift raise, elevate, uplift" 들어올리다
literally really, actually" 실제로
moderate reasonable, temperate, mild" 온화한
prolong lengthen, extend, protract" 연장하다
purge purify, cleanse, clear" 깨끗이 하다
reasonable rational, logical, sensible" 이치에 맞는
refined purified, clarified, distilled" 정제된
reprove rebuke, reproach, admonish" 꾸짖다
resilient rebounding, elastic" 탄력있는
revolt rebel, mutiny" 반란
scarce limited, rare, deficient, insufficient" 부족한
scope range, extent, space" 범위
shabby ragged, beggarly, poor" 초라한
short-lived lasting for only short period 단기간의
substantial strong, sturdy, solid" 튼튼한
substantial noticeable, considerable, important" 상당한
vacant empty, void, unoccupied" 텅빈
villain rascal, scoundrel" 악당
wander ramble, rove, roam" 방랑하다
zone area, region" 지역
Created by: msyang98