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CNS - Tracts - PCC

Tracts - 2nd lecture exam

Function of the fasiculus proprious tract Coordination for spinal reflexes
Fine movement proprioceptive fibers from the pectoral girdle and upper extremity enter the cervical cord and ascend to synapse in the M.O.'s ___? Accessory cuneate nucleus
Which 2 tracts deal with heart, BP and respiratory rates and rythms? They also do what? Medial and lateral reticulospinal tracts. Alternate pathway is corticospinal tracts are damaged
Fiber diameter of corticospinals 2-25 microns
What tract assumes corticospinal function if they are damaged? Rubrospinal and reticulospinal
Dorsal lateral tract of lissauer is located where? Between lamina 1 and posterior lateral sulcus
CNs that enter the spinotrigeminal tract? 5, 7, 9, 10
Input from nucelus gracilis and cuneatus enters the medial lemniscus via what? Internal arcuate fibers
Where does the anterior corticospinal tract terminate? do they cross? Mid thoracic level and yes, they do cross
Corticospinal fibers decrease as the descend. ___ cervical ___thoracic ____ lumbosacral 55%, 20%, 25%
The lateral corticospinal tract contains ___ to ___ % of total corticospinal fibers? 85-95%
Where do lateral corticospinal fibers cross over? Why do they cross? Pyramids of the medulla oblongata and we don<t know
What tract has the longest, uniterupted axon in the body? Corticospinal
Anterior corticopsinal tract has only ___ to ___% of total corticospinal fibers? 5-15%
Which lamina do most of the corticospinal tracts synapse with? From here, they like to go to lamina ___? Then they go out to do their buisness. 7, 9
Function of gracilis and cuneatus tracts? 1. Discrimatory (2 point) touch 2. Vibratory sensation 3. Kinesthetic senstion
Spinothalamic tract : does the DRG enter the tract directly? No, it synapses first in the gray matter then it enters the tract
Spinothalamic tract : Pain and thermal receptors cross over ___ and light touch crosses over ___ 1. Immediatly 2. Gradually
Spinothalamis tract neuron #2 ascends to what? Thalamus
Spinothalamic tract neuro #3 goes to what? Post central gyrus
The spinothalamis tract is found at what cord levels? All
What does the spinothalamis tract do as it ascends? It enlarges
First fibers to be myelinated in the fetus? Fasiculus proprius
Where is the earliest spontaneous movement are integrated here Fasiculus proprius
What is the function of the spinothalamis tract? Lateral portion? Anterior portion? 1. Pain and thermal 2. Light touch (Lewellen's musquitto)
Where is the origin of the anterior spinocerebellar tract? Lumbosacral cord grey lamina
Anterior spinocerebella tract crosses over ___ and again as they enter the ____. 1. Immediately 2. Cerebellum
Anterior spinocerebellar terminates in the ___ via the ____ Cerebellum via the superior cerebellar peduncle
Which tract is the only one that double crosses? Anterior spinocerebellar
Where does the anterior spinocerebellar terminate? Cerebellum
Function of the anterior spinocerebellar tract? Sends info to the cerebellum regarding gross movements of lower body parts...of what is about to happen
Tract that caries fibers up to Clark<s column from the lower extremity? Gracilis
Fibers of the posterior spinocerebellar tract originate from ___ Clark's column : C8-L3
Clark's colum is found from ____ Posterior spinocerebellar tract does not go below ___. C8-L3 L3
Only about ___% of neurons of the corticopsinal tract terminates directly in lamina 9. What are these called? 3% Betz cells
These neurons initiate skilled voluntary movement Pyramidal neurons
These neurons ensure that our movements are smooth and effective Extrapyramidal neurons
Tract functioning in chewing, swallowing, moving the eyes together, and maintains equilibrium Medial longitudinal fasiculus
Describe the spinal trigeminal tract 1. Pain and heat enter through the CNs to spintrigeminal tract 2. Fibers then synaspe with spinotrigeminal nuclei 3. Fibers then ascend up the ventral trigeminothalmic tract up to the thalamus
85-95% of the 2 million corticopsinal nerve fibers enter the ___ Lateral corticospinal tract
The tectospinal tract originates where? Superior colliculus of midbrain tectum
Does the tectospinal tract cross as it descends? Yes
Is the tectospinal tract pyramidal or extrapyramidal? Extrapyramidal
Function of the tectospinal fibers? 1. POstural reflex enhancement dealing with sight and auditory stimuli 2. It makes adjustements to the trapezius and SCM to move the head
The mdeial lemniscus accepts input from the ____ of the gracilis and cuneatus tracts via what? It terminates in the what? 1. Oposit side 2. internal arcuate fibers 3. Thalamus
From what 2 tracts does the medial lemniscus accept input? Oposite side of gracilis and cuneatus
Spinal trigeminal nucleus receives ___ and ___ reception from the face via which nerves? 1. Thermal 2. Pain 3. 5,7,9,10
Origin of rubrospinal tract? Do fibers cross as they descend? 1.Red nucleus of midbrain 2. Yes
What ais the name of the corticopsinal fibers that synapse with lamina 9? Betz cells
How far down the cord does the vestibulospinal tract run? All the way down
What nucelus does cuneocerebellar tract synapse with? Where is it located? Accessory cuneate nucelus in the MO
Function of the lateral corticospinals? Initiates precise skilled motor function especially with distal extremities
Function of the anterior corticospinals? Unclear: influences neck and shoulder muscles
Vestibulospinal tract originates in vestibular nucleous in ___? do fibers cross? 1. MO 2. No
Tract responsible for the fine proprioceptive movements of pectoral girdle? Cuneocerebellar tract
Tract responsible for fine proproceptive movements from what just happened in muscles themselves. Posterior spinocerebeallar
Tracts responsible for two point touch, vibratory sensations and kinesthetic input Gracilis and cuneatus
Tract dealing with pain and thermal senstions and light touch Spinothalamic tract
DRG enter the cord and ascend via the gracilis tract in the ___ part of the body. Cuneatus enters above ____? Do they cross over when DRG enters tracts? 1. Lower 2. T6 3. No
Gracilis and cuneatus fibers fuse superior to their respective nuclei called the what? Medial Lemniscus
Function of the rubrospinal tract Muscle tone for contralateral hand and foot musculature
Where do fibers from the posterior spinocerebellar tract terminate? Cerebellum via the inferior cerebellar peduncles
Gracilis and cuneatus terminate in the ___ in the ___ and the ___ respectively 1.MO 2. Nucelus gracilis 3. Nucleus Cuneatus
5 results of lower motor lesions 1. Hyperflexia 2. Hypotonia 3. Lack of movement 4. Atrophy of muscles 5. Flacid paralysis
Tract responsible for gross movement of lower body and what is about to happen? Anterior spinocerebellar tract
4 results in upper motor neurons 1. Hypersensitivity 2. Spastic movements 3. Babinbsky 4. Voluntary Paralysis
Neurons that originates in spinal cord or brainstem and the extend to the PNS Lower motor neurons
If you have an upper motor lesion what will happen? Lower moton neurons wiull not be able to be influenced by the UMNs. This will result in uncoordinated movements such as in cerebral palsy
What happens during a lower motor neuron lesion? Little impulse will ever reach the muscle (lack of movement) such as in Polio
Function of the spinotrigeminal tract? Sensation of pain and thermal from the face
Fibers of the tectospinal tract terminate where? Upper 4 cervical cord level
Gracilis and cuneatus: After they reach their nuclei, they ascend via the ___? Do they cross over after their nuclei? Where does the second neuron ascend to? Is their a third neuron? Where does it ascend to? 1.Medial Lemniscus 2. Yes 3. Thalamus 4. Yes, post central gyrus
Do fibers of the posterior spinocerebellar cross over? No, they are ispsilateral
Function of the posterior spinocerebellar tract? Fine proprioceptive input on what just happened in the muscle
Proprioceptive fibers dealing with fine movement of the lower extremities may enter the cord below clark's column. What tract carries them up to synapse with clark? gracilis
Function of the vestibulospinal tract Maintains proper orientation when falling. Postural adjustements of ipsilateral extensor muscles... falling on ice
Fibers that leave the acessory cuneate nucleus form the ___? They ascend to the ___ through the ___ same as the ___? 1. Cuneocerebellar tract 2. Cerebellum 3. Inferior cerebellar 4. Posterior spinocerebellar tract
The anterior and lateral corticospinal tacts are motor fibers originating in the ___ downward. Motor cortex
Lesions of the spinothalamic tracts can lead to what? 1. Analgesia 2. Thermoanesthesia
Rubrospinal tract reaches ___ cord levels. What does it influence? 1. All cord levels 2. Contralateral hand and foot musculature
Spinotrigeminal nuclei extends from the ___ through the ___ down to the ____ cord level 1. Pons 2. MO 3. C1-C4
Tracts that are Ispilateral (6) 1. Gracilis 2. Cuneatus 3. Posterior spinocerebellar 4. Vestibulospinal 5. Medial Reticulospinal 6. Lateral Reticulospinal
Tract that are contralateral (6) 1. Spinothalamic 2. Anterior spniocerebellar 3. Anterior corticospinal 4. Lateral Corticospinal 5. Tectospinal 6. Rubrospinal
Cord level of gracilis All
Cord level of cuneatus T5 or T6 and up
Cord level of spinothalamic All
Cord level of anterior spinocerebellar All
Cord level of posterior spinocerebellar C8 to L3
Cord level of cuneocerebellar C8 and up
Cord level of anterior coticospinal Terminates by T6
Cord level of lateral corticospinal All
Cord level of Tectospinal Terminates in upper 4 cervical levels
Cord level of rubrospinal All
Cord level of Vestibulospinal All
Cord level of medial reticulospinal All
Cord level of lateral reticulospinal All
Cord level of fasiculus proprius All
Cord level of the Dorsolateral tract of lissauer All
Which tract may or may not cross over? Fasiculus proprius
Gracilis stops picking up infor around ___ T6
___ brings info from the lower limbs Gracilis
___ brings info from the upper limbs Cuneatus
The double crosser! Anterior spinocerebellar
Do for upper limb what clark's nucleus and posterior spinocerebellar do for lower limbs Cuneocerebellar
Carries most of corticospinal fibers Lateral
Influences trap and SCM Tectospinal
If corticopsinals are damaged, it helps out Rubrospinal and medial + lateral reticulospinal
Maintains orientation in falling Vestibulospinal
Spinospinal fibers Fasiculus proprius
Synapses in rexed lamina 2 Dorsolateral tract of lissauer
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