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Abeka Science chp.9

Into what two groups are bony fish divided based on their fins? Ray-finned fish and Lobe-finned fish
List the four types of scales and describe their shape Placoid- teeth-shaped ganoid- diamond-shaped Cycloid-round Ctenoid-scalloped with exposed edges
Describe the structure of a fish's gill Each gill is made of an arch from two rows of the gill filaments
What group of sensory organs do fish possess that land animals lack? Lateral line
What organ allows a fish to float at different depths? Swim bladder
What are the two ways that a fish produce light? Electric organs, photophore
Identify the two classes of cartilaginous fish and give two examples from each class Chondrichthyes- sharks and rays Cyclostomata- lampreys and hagfish
What is the name for the scales that cover a shark's body? Denticles
List two differences between true rays and skates. Skates lay eggs and have dorsal fins. True rays give birth to live young and do not have a dorsal fin.
What is the name for the sawfish's unusual nose? Rostrum
Describe the differences between the three types of chimaeras' noses. Short-nosed chimaeras have rounded or cone-shaped noses. Plow-nosed chimaeras have trunklike noses. Long-nosed chim aers have long, pointed,n or paddle-shaped noses.
For what reasons does the hagfish produce slime? To suffacte prey, ward off predators, and line burrow walls
What is the name for scientists who study reptiles and amphibians? Herpetologists
What is the largest lizard? Komodo dragon
What is the smallest lizard? Jaragua Sphaero
What is the transparent eye covering of a gecko called? Spectacle
What are four methods of snake locomotion? Concertina movement, side-winding movement, lateral undulation, rectilinear movement
For what does a snake use its Jacobson's organ? To smell
List three design features the snake has that help it eat large meals. Double-hinged jaws, saliva, movable trachea
What are the two types of snake venom and which parts of the body do they affect? Neurotoxic- nervous system, Hemotoxic-circulatory system
What are the three common groups of turtles mentioned in the text? Marine turtles, Freshwater turtles, Terrestial turtles
What are the four types of crocodilians? Crocodile, alligator, caiman,gavials
What is the function of the parietial eye? To see solar radiation
What are the differences betwwen a sauropd and a theropod? A sauropod is a large herbivorous animals with elephantine legs. A theropod is a large carnivorous animal that walked on two legs.
What are the three groups of amphibians? Salamanders, frogs and toads, and caecilians
What are the requirements for an animal to be a tetrpod? Four legs, slimy body, no hair , scales ,or feather
What are the three groups of salamanders? Wholly terrestrial, wholly aquatic, and amphibious
Define metamorphosis. The changing of an immature hatchling to an adult
What is the group to which both toads and frogs belong? Anurans
What is the name for a frog or toad larva? Tadpoles
Why are caecilians rarely seen? There are rarely seen because they either are burrowing or aquatic.
What are annuli? Numerous skin folds or ring on a caecilian.
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