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Terms for the Hydrology unit

Most fresh water on Earth is found as ____________. Ice/Glaciers
The amount of water on Earth stays the same because of ______ and __________. evaporation / precipitation
A rock that allows water to pass through is said to be _________. permeable
Is energy added OR removed in transpiration? Added
What happens to temperature as you descend into the ocean? It decreases
The 4 types of precipitation are? rain, snow, sleet & hail
What is the most abundant salt in the ocean? sodium chloride
What process occurs when a liquid is turned into a gas? evaporation
A mountain that is completely underwater is called a __________. Seamount
What determines which type of precipitation will fall? Temperature
How much fresh water is usable for human consumption? Less than 1%
Water that is NOT absorbed into the ground is called _________. Run off
An underground water storage is called ______________. aquifer
Something that is full (of water) is said to be _______________. saturated
The gently sloping surface of the ocean floor is called the ____. Continental Shelf
The top of the saturated zone is called the ______________. Water Table
Solid rock that is impermeable is called ______________. bedrock
The flat barren area of the ocean floor where strange creatures live is called the __________. Abyssal Plains
What are the 2 most abundant gases in the ocean? oxygen and carbon dioxide
Name 3 reasons why it is difficult to study the bottom of the ocean. Very Cold, Very Dark, Lots of Pressure
The release of water vapor through the leaves of trees is known as ___________. Transpiration
What will happen to the water table in an area that has had lots of rain? the water table will RISE.
The total amount of dissolved salts is called ____________. salinity
Clouds form as water vapor _____________________ and sticks to dust. condenses
What percent of ocean water is actually dissolved salt? 3.5%
Created by: mrgdaculams
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