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Herold 7th Soc St

Final exam

What do you call a book of maps? Atlas
What is the study of land, as well as water, plants, animals and people Geography
What do geographers study? The physical and human characteristics of places.
What do we call individual features of the land, such as mountains and valleys. Landforms
What is another name for our natural surroundings? Environment
What do we call areas that share common cultural characteristics or similar physical environments. Regions.
Movements of air are called ___________. winds.
Winds follow typical patterns, affecting ____. Climate.
What do we call poweful seasonal winds that blow over continents for months at a time? Monsoons
On what continents are monsoons usually found? Asia and Africa
What do we call a funnel-shaped windstorm? Tornado
What country has more tornados than any other country? United States
A violent tropical storm that forms over the warm water of the Atlantic Ocean in late summer or early fall is called a _____ Hurricane.
Hurricanes usually strike in the countries of ___________. the Caribbean islands and North America.
What do we call a hurricane that strikes in Asia? Typhoon.
What do we call a long period of extended dryness, with no rain? Drought.
Which is warmer... cities or in the country. Cities, because streets and buildings absorb more heat than plants.
What do we call the buildup of gases from burning fuels that cannot escape into the atmosphere? The greenhouse effect.
What is the name of a dense (thick) forest that gets a large amount of rain each year? Rain forests.
What is the way of life of a group of people who share similar beliefs and customs called? Culture
What are the eight traits of a culture? language, religion, history, arts, government,economy, daily life and social groups.
What do we call people who share the same language, history, religion and some physical characteristics? Ethnic group.
What do we call a local form of a language that is a little different from the main language? Dialect
What cultural trait has caused many conflicts and struggles between people throughout history? Religion
Many cultures celebrate holidays to honor who? Their heros and heroines.
What do we call the process of spreading new knowledge and skills to other cultures? Cultural diffusion.
Name one way that cultural diffusion happens. One of these: television, internet, war, people moving
What do we call highly developed culture? Civilizations.
What caused the Industrial Revolution? When countries began to build factories to produce products and goods.
When did the Industrial Revolution happen? In the 1700s and 1800s.
What has caused the Information Revolution? Computer technology.
What are culture regions? Countries that share traits (or cultural characteristics)
What do we call a type of government in which power rests with the people of a nation> Democracy.
What kind of government does the United States have? Representative democracy.
What type of government has a single person control and rule as he or she wishes? Dictatorship.
In what kind of government do kings and queens inherit the power to rule? Monarchy.
Who was the major religious figure of Buddhism? Buddha
Who was the major religious figure of Christianity? Jesus Christ
Who was the major religious figure of Hinduism? Unknown
Who was the major religious figure of Islam? Muhammad
Who was the major religious figure of Judaism? Abraham.
What is the definition of "death rate"? The number of people out of every 1000 people who die in a year.
What is the definition of "birth rate"? The number of children born every year for every 1000 people.
What do we call a lack of food? Famine.
What is population density? The average number of people living in one square mile or one square kilometer.
What percent of the earth is covered by land? 30%
Half of the earth's land is uninhabitable because of ____ ice, deserts, or high mountains.
What is the word for the fact that many people are leaving villages and farms and moving to cities. Urbanization.
When boundaries of cities and their suburbs keep expanding outward, it is called _____ Urban sprawl.
What is the word that means to leave the country in which you were born and move to another country. emmigration.
What do we call people whe flee to another country to escape persecution or disaster? Refugees.
Products thare are products of the earth that people use to meet their needs. Natural resources.
Resources that cannot be used up, but can be replaced naturally or grown again. Renewable resources, such as trees and wind.
Resources that are provided by the earth in limited supply, and cannot be replaced. Nonrenewable resources, such as coal and oil.
The rules that a country develops for deciding what is produced, how it is produced, and who receives products. Economic system.
The type of economic system in which the government makes all the decisions. Command economy.
The type of economic system in which economic decisions are based on customs, passed down through history. Traditional economy.
The type of economic system in which individuals and businesses make their ouwn decisions. Free enterprise economy.
When a country cannot produce enough of a particular good or product, they must _____ it. Import
When a country produces more of a good or product than they need, they can ____ it. Export
A tax that is added to the price of goods that are imported. Tariff
A number limit that a government places on how much of a particular product can be produced. Quota
Taking down trade barriers so that goods flow freely among countries. Free trade
Countries that have a great deal of manufacturing. Developed countries.
Countries that are working toward industrialization and often practice subsistence farming. Developing countries.
Which usually makes more money, industry or farming? Industry.
The ability of humans to make things that help them and give them some control over their environment. Technology
When did the Agricultural Revolution begin? Over 10,000 years ago.
When have important transportation and communication technologies begun? 100 years ago, the early 1900's.
Name three technologies that have allowed the instant worldwide sharing of knowledge. telephone, satellites, radio, television, internet.
What is the name of the global network of computers? The internet.
Being an involved citized and caring about the public affairs of your community, state, nation and world civic participation.
Benefits that are guaranteed to a person by law. Rights.
Duties owed to other citizens and the government. Responsibilities.
Depending on other countries for products, raw materials, and places to sell goods Interdependence among nations.
Development of world culture and interdependence among nations Globalization.
Why it is important to learn about the beliefs and values of other people in the world? So you can understand connections between them and our country and be an informed member of the global community
Created by: mrsherold