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ology roots

ology root words

anthropology study of the origins and beliefs of humans
bacteriology branch of science that studies bacteria in relation to disease
biology science that studies living things
cardiology study of the heart and its related diseases
criminology study of crime and criminal behavior
dermatology scientific study of the skin
ecology science of living things and how they relate to their environment
ethnology study of races and cultures of people
genealogy study of family history and ancestors
geology science that deals with the history of the earth as recorded in rocks
meteorology science that deals with weather
morphology the branch of biology that deals with the structure of animals and plants
mythology the study of myths
necrology register of persons who have died
neurology area of study that deals with the nervous system
paleontology science that studies animal and plant fossils
pathology branch of medical science that studies the causes, nature and effects of diseases
petrology branch of geology that studies rocks, their origin and formation and composition
physiology study that deals with the functioning of living things-how their body parts work
psychology the science of the mind
sociology study of the evolution, development and functioning of human society
technology specialized equipment used to meet a particular need, the practical use of scientific knowledge to better mankind
theology the study of religion and religious ideas
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