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Hackers 1day

Hackers Vocab.01

apt inclined, prone, disposed"~하는 경향이 있는
apt proper, appropriate, suitable" 적당한
astonish surprise, astound, shock, startle, daze" 놀라게 하다.
chronic habitual, confirmed, inveterate" 만성적인
dirty foul, unclean, filthy" 더러운
domain region, area, territory" 영토
domain sphere, field" 분야
enthusiastic ardent, zealous, passionate" 열성적인
extend go, run, range, outspread, stretch" (어떤거리까지)걸쳐있다
extend expand, enlarge, lengthen" 늘리다
feat achievement, accomplishment, exploit" 업적
fulfill execute, accomplish, achieve" 성취하다
fulfill satisfy, appease" 만족시키다.
heavy ponderous, weighty, burdensome" 무거운
immerse submerge, dip, submerse" 담그다
incompatible inconsistent, incongruous, inharmonious" 모순되는
intrigue attract, interest" (주의,관심을)끌다
intrigue plot, conspire" 음모를 꾸미다
large huge, enormous, sizable" 큰
large pretentious, boastful" 잘난척하는
magnitude extent, degree, measure" 등급
magnitude volume, size, amplitude" 크기
maintain affirm, contend, claim" 주장하다
maintain sustain, preserve, keep" 지속하다
outbreak epidemic, plague" (전영벙 등의)만연, 창궐
outbreak eruption, explosion, burst" 폭발
proclaim announce, declare, promulgate" 공표하다
quiver shiver, tremble, quake" 떨다
reckon count, compute, calculate" 계산하다
reckon consider, regard, deem" 생각하다
release free, liberate, loose" 해방시키다
release emit, vent, give off" 뿜다, 방출하다
release loose, untie, unfasten" (묶인 것을)풀다
relief aid, assistance, support" 구제
relief alleviation, ease" 완화
reproduce copy, duplicate, imitate" 복제하다
speculative theoretical, abstract" 이론적인
speculative thoughtful, reflective, meditative" 심사숙고하는
stimulate prompt, activate, inspire" 자극하다
subordinate inferior, subject, dependent" 종속적인
torrential wild, violent" 격렬한
Created by: msyang98